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2 - 9/15

After attempting to talk to the noble Alistair Kreed and being rudely dismissed, the group returned to the table and began to discuss their plans going forward. Raeziel had some unfinished business to handle and decided to bid farewell to the group, with Moxie planning to briefly join her before returning to the others at a later time.   Lady Sheilas bodyguard Kagra, a gigantic half-orc woman, returned and offered the noblewoman's apologies to Adolpha for being too forward. She was still interested in her company and wished to meet her, extending an invitation to the estate should the offer be found intriguing.   Shortly later, a rough man came in that appeared to be in distress. He avoided eye contact but was clearly sobbing, and after getting a drink buried his head in woe. Rosie and Shizukana approached to find out what was wrong, and while he was a bit reluctant at first, the two learned his name was Lothair and his son had been kidnapped. He lamented about his kid always being adventurous, and that he would never be able to pay the 200g ransom demanded of him. Rosie offered him the money to his extreme surprise, and found that he was to place it in a loose stone along a wall to the east road of town.    Lothair said to give him a moment to prepare to depart, and not long later a well-dressed Gentleman entered in the inn. After seeing the group, he widened his eyes and sauntered over to introduce himself. The man was Richard Arien, sent here on behalf of Lord Zakarias Ormond of Orlane. His son, Byron Ormond, was to be wed some half a year ago to the Morrick daughter, but the curse befell the estate and his son was killed. This has since strained the relationship between Orlane and Leafton, and in the wake of the Morrick families death the Eldorans have assumed sole control of the town. Lady Sheila Eldoran is now the head of the family after her uncles death not long after the curse happened, and with her wedding to the Conclairs son would cement her status in the town. Lord Ormond wished to find out the cause of the curse and avenge the death of his son, and offered payment should the party accomplish this task. Unfortunately the townsfolk have been relatively close-lipped about the curse, seeing Richard Arien as an outsider.   After learning what they could from Richard, Shizukana planted a threatening note in Alistair Kreeds coat pocket demanding he come to a nearby large oak tree at midnight or his 'crimes' would be revealed. The group then departed with Lothair, keeping a safe distance and Rosie using invisibility to tail the farmer. He deposited the parcel of gold in the stone as instructed, before solemnly returning home.   Rosie continued to watch the wall to see if anyone approached, while the others left to find out what they could. Adolpha decided to visit the inn and do some more information gathering, finding any commoner who would be willing to offer theories as to the events happening. One person believed that the bugbears in the wilderness had a shaman and had cursed the family. Another thought the curse was just a cover-up for their murder, but was unsure. The last person believed that Lord Eldoran stood the most to gain from the Morricks death and thought he did it, but he has since died.    With midnight falling, Shizukana departed to the tree to see if Alistair Kreed arrived. The nobleman confidently strode up and demanded to know who would dare besmirch his good name. After some verbal fencing, with Shizukana bluffing that she knew of the crimes he did, she figured out through some slip-ups that despite being the best man, the noble did not want the wedding to go through. He seemed intent on it not happening, and appeared to hold affection for the groom. with some fervent demanding, Shizukana lowered herself from the tree and spole face-to-face. After being informed that Shizukana believed Lady Sheila was unfaithful and might have even killed her flings, Alistair became much more intrigued and wished that Shizukana do anything in her power to find evidence of this. Not that she was on good terms with the noble, the two parted ways.   Back at the wall, after some time a man disguised as a drunk showed up to the area where the money was stashed. Rosie watched as he made a show of it, but noted he was feeling for the stone. Eventually he found it, and pulled the money from it before quietly stashing it in his jacket. He rose and left to the woods with Rosie tailing him.   Some time later the bandit led Rosie to a small camp, and after casting invisibility managed to sneak in with him. He brought it to a small cabin that had been built, and expertly slipped in before the door shut. Inside the bandits leader seemed surprised to receive the ransom. After the subordinate departed, she locked the door and Rosie took a gamble. She announced her presence, and as the leader tried to retaliate snatched her bag. The bandit leader slashed wildly in the air, but Rosie remarkably convinced her to hear her out.    After giving a compelling story about her motives and introduction, the thief lord and Rosie discussed things and quickly realized they had similar motives. Sensing that the invisible foe might be able to further her ends, the two shared information on what they had been up to. The thief lord was named One-eyed Jacqueline, and had only recently formed this bandit gang after being hired to disrupt the wedding by Alistair Kreed. She had stolen the first shipment of wine and sought to steal the second, but it had gotten through. The kid they had demanded the ransom from was in no danger, he had simply wandered too close to camp and was planning to fleece a bit of money out of the farmer before returning him. She had also been helping a necromancer named Sethik, and while that work was unsavory he paid in near priceless items worth a significant amount of gold, and the money was too tempting to ignore. They had planned to aid him in digging up graves the next night.   Content that the two were on friendly terms, Rosie dropped invisibility and Jacqueline allowed her to depart after letting her return with the farmers son. The trip back went without incident, and Lothair was eternally grateful to have his boy back. Rosie returned to the inn, and the trio shared their unique experiences with one another.   The primary plan was still to disrupt the wedding and to end the curse. Rosie hoped that perhaps another Morrick could be found to lay claim to the family title, and that visiting the grounds and ending the curse may be their best bet. She wished to visit the Eldoran estate the next day and offer her performance services in an attempt to get closer to Lady Sheila and find out more about her. Adolpha still had the invitation to noble manor, and the necromancer was to be at the graveyard the following evening as a possible lead. The three finished up their dinners and drinks, and took a much needed rest in preparation for the big day ahead.

Important Characters

Adolpha Marrok.png
Adolpha Marrok - A posh Half-Orc noble from the Delafont territory who had thrown her hat in with the Akadian Pact territories.  
Rosie - A human bard and prior performer in the circus, she hopes that a successful job here would further her station back home.  
Shizukana - A human ninja and sister of Rosie, she is a powerful assassin and expert rogue.    
Lady Sheila Eldoran.png
Lady Sheila Eldoran - A noblewoman from Leafton, she is to wed the youngest son of the Conclairs soon and cement an alliance between the baron and the town. Rumors abound, from her being promiscuous to some former lovers winding up in the cemetery, but whether these hold weight is unknown. She has shown a romantic interest in Adolpha Marrok even after being rejected, and has extended an invitation to her estate.  
Alistair Kreed.png
Alistair Kreed - The best man of Ferdinand Von Conclair, he has made a splash in town and is preparing for the upcoming wedding. Both Rosie and Shizukana learned that Alistair is in love with Ferdinand, and had hired bandits to disrupt the wedding. He hopes that Shizukana can help find evidence that Lady Sheila would be unfaithful or is up to illegal activities.  
Kagra - The large half-orc bodyguard of Lady Sheila, she acted as a messenger for the noblewoman in talking to Adolpha on her behalf.  
Lothair - A local farmer who had his son kidnapped by the Onyx Brigade bandits. He was heartbroken and unable to make the payment, but Rosie tracked down the bandit group and managed to get his son back by negotiating with the bandit leader.  
Richard Arien.png
Richard Arien - He was sent to Leafton on behalf of Lord Zakarias to hire adventurers to find out what had happened to his son and to avenge his death. He met the party and offered payment and what little information he could.  
Zakarias Ormond.png
Lord Zakarias Ormond - The Lord of Orlane, he has joined the Akadian Pact and is part of the fledgling territories that are resisting Bards Gates influence. Around a half a year ago his son was to wed the Morricks daughter, but the curse befell the estate and his son was slain. He hired Richard Arien to find out the fate of his son and to avenge his presumed death.  
One Eye Jacqueline.png
One Eye Jacqueline - The leader of the Onyx Brigade bandits, Rosie negotiated with her and learned that she is only here on behalf of Alistair Kreed to do small activities like stealing wine in an effort to ruin the wedding. She has also worked with a local necromancer that has paid her handsomely for less savory work like graverobbing.  
Mathfrid - The son of Lothair, he is an adventurous young lad and stumbled upon the bandit came. To ensure they were not found out, he was kept there but would be released once the bandits work was complete. He is glad to be home with his father, but his adventerous spirit has not diminished.

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