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18 - 3/31 : Thoughts and Prayers

Before returning to the sensory stones, Star took the time to ask Ashton a bit about her past and where exactly she had gotten her diminutive dragon companion from. Ashton was a bit unsure, but remembers grabbing an egg from a truly horrific place before being teleported to the material plane by a strange Lizard Wizard named Turasjir. Since then Ashton has done her best to survive, and had gotten wrapped up in the attack on Darnagal which led her back into the planes.   Next the group went to see what else could be found around the festhall. At the secondary stage, an older man approached the stage and introduced himself as Death's Advocate. He gave a speech regarding the afterlife, how after death he touted that one would go to whatever plane best matched how one was in life. The group, unimpressed by his speech decided to heckle the old man, with Nagar taking the stage and questioning his conviction. He was insulted, and stormed off angrily at the impudence.   After the speech the group set off to experience the remaining sensory stones. After the first few which were all somewhat unpleasant experiences, including one where you felt as though your hand was submerged in lava, Star decided she had enough and returned to the bar.   The rest of the group decided to see the remaining stones, and as they were completed a sensate steward told the party a group experience of stones was ready! It was best experienced with five people, and after collecting their inebriated tiefling friend from the bar, each chose a sensory stone.   The stone brought the group to a mysterious room containing an artifact sealed in shimmering light. Behind them was a golden archway leading to Excelsior, the gate-town to Mount Celestia itself. A horde of demons had suddenly assaulted her keep, and Halloway began by giving a rousing speech. She was adamant to keep the horde from gaining any more ground and to prevent evil from taking the artifact. Demons began pouring into the hall, but the heroes stood firm and repelled wave after wave of some of the strongest demons the abyss could throw at them.   While the large demons were slowly struck down, it seemed that the worst was far from over. From the doorway strode a terrifying sight: Graz'zt himself, Demon Lord of the Abyss. More demons renewed their assault, and things began to look grim.   Suddenly the experience ended and the festhall began to slowly come back to focus. The steward claimed that the person recording the experience, Aemie, had suddenly perished and unfortunately ended the recording. But the group felt themselves being pulled back in, Ashton came into clear focus for the group and the experience continued. From the cover of an invisibility spell, the Archmage Tasha appeared and used a Word of Power to instantly kill Aemie! She turned her magic on the remainder of the group, with each of the heroes meeting grizzly ends at the waves of demons that poured into the room.   With her foes slain, Tasha strode over to the artifact, annihilating its magic with a blast of energy, before collecting the second volume of her Demononicon. With her prize back in her possession, Tasha opened a gate and triumphantly strode through with her Demon Lord consort by her side.   The experience finally faded, and standing before the group was Ashton, covered in demonic traits. The group calmed her down, for in Sigil this was not so uncommon a thing, but it was still hard for Ashton to relive the experience.   With a better idea of who stood against them and the stakes at play, the party left the sensorium to discuss the gravity of the events that had transpired.


Star Lutana.png
Star - Tiefling Bard and sister of Aurin, her brother was taken after a devil claimed he was now required to fulfill an unknown pact. She gives tarot readings to the other members of the group, to Shais dismay, and has pushed the group to be as helpful as possible.
Shai - A Void Genasi and native of Sigil, her knowledge of the planes and the City of Doors has been invaluable to the party. After freeing her patron Vhailor from his bindings she has now melded with the Mercykiller of old. She has recently learned that someone is hunting down the former members of the Red Death, and seeks to put a stop to this before her own life is in danger.
Gwynnestri 4.png
Gwynnestri - The elven Wizard Gwynn found her mother Leia abducted in Darnagal during the Githyanki attack. She has been on a search for her ever since, but it seems her grandmother has taken her mom and her half-sister Hilda to Sigil for some unknown purpose. Gwynns natural curiosity has served her well in the City of Doors, as she now joined the illustrious ranks of the Society of Sensation.
Ashton - A half-elf Dragoon, she has a small dragon companion and has a clear aversion to the abyss. She has kept her past largely a secret from her companions, but recently revealed that she remembers little of her former life due to an encounter with the River Styx. In the Civic festhall it was revealed that in her former life, Ashton was a great hero named Halloway of Excelsior, the majestic gate town to Mount celestia. Tasha had launched a demonic invasion and put Ashton and her companions to the sword, before reacquiring her Demonomicon.
Nagar Krelker.png
Nagar Krelker - A Dragonborn Fighter from a prime world, they are a former member of a cult of Tiamat but have freed themselves from those clutches. Nagar now finds themselves among the rest of the party in the planes, and has proven a formidable wall that stands between the group and their enemies.

The Heroes of Radiant Pass

Companions of Halloway (now known as Ashton), these heroes were experienced through the sensory stone at the Civic Festhall. They held fast against the terrible demonic hordes that descended on them, long enough for a host of paladins and celestials to arrive and save Excelsior from certain doom. While the stone only recorded the first part of fight, Ashtons memory kept the group in the flashback, where they saw the archmage Tasha and the Demon Lord Graz'zt put an end to the valiant heroes.
Halloway the Hero of Radiant Pass.png
Loremaster Aemie
Evee Elmira.png
Evee Elmira - After departing the material plane, she revealed that she was in possession of a book known as the Demonomicon, a powerful artifact of knowledge about demons. She believes it bound to her after using a powerful spell from its pages to seal it, and worries whomever was powerful enough to seek it out will come looking for her. After being attacked by a huge frog creature and believing she was being hunted, the party hid her with Narcovi of the Harmonium.
Barny the Flaming Mimir.png
Barny the Flaming Mimir - This weird skull was recognized as a Mimir by Shai, but he seems to have far more independence and intelligence than one would normally have. After being freed from its little prison, the Skull latched on to Shai and began to follow the genasi around, providing bits of information along the way. He has now been enhanced by the kobold Saezren to recognize and analyze portals.
Wuzzy - This curious Rust Monster was found in the company of a hair golem. After killing it and capturing it for the thieves guild, the group later freed the large insect-like creature. Gwynn pitied the poor creature, and after sating its appetite decided to keep it as a pet, much to the dismay of the rest of the group.
Bliss - A tiefling bard and former captive of an evil cult prime cult, she was has shed her former life and joined up with the party to visit the mysterious realm of Sigil. Shai had offered to have her join the Mercykillers, while she was receptive to the idea she did wish to see what the other factions had to offer and to journey a bit longer before committing..
Tasha - The mysterious and powerful mage introduced herself to Shai while in the New Experience. She asked numerous questions that made Shai a bit uneasy, before departing. Only later did the party find out that Tasha seems to be seeking out the same former Mercykillers they were. Later the group saw a sensory stone containing a last stand done by Ashton in a former life, where Ashtons memories continued the experience longer than normal. In the memory it was revealed that Tasha had committed great atrocities to get her Demononicon back.
Graz'zt - The despicable demon lord of the abyss arrived with Tasha at the battle of radiant pass. Its uncertain if this was an avatar or the terrible demon himself, but he served his mistress dutifully and unleashed a ferocious onslaught of sword and magical attacks.

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