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1. Leafton, Forest and Daithas Sanctuary

1. Problems in Leafton

This could be set in nearly any village, or Leafton   • Lothair (farmers) son Mathfrid is missing. Pictured to the right. He sends a missive to party, to meet in the Local Village (Leafton) at the local Inn to request aid.
• Mathfrid was torn from the field after a struggle while building a scarecrow. Locals have uncovered no evidence of his whereabouts, believes its a beast and Lothair is wasting his time.
• DC15 Nature/Survival to notice the tracks are not Lupine. Religion Check (DC15) to realize these tracks left the scent of undeath.
• While no one has information on this, asking around (persuasion DC10) reports people having nightmares of shadow, dark chimneys belching vapor, and black fog devouring fields
• Cadyr the Culled (local drunk Ranger) reports that he has heard of other people missing, and it's weird undead would be abducting people   Survival DC0 to track the undead into the woods. The trail vanishes rather quickly.  

2. The Forest

The forest has a creepy atmosphere. Rainfall, the stench of carrion, old trees, undergrowth. CR Appropriate Woods Encounters. These should lead to Daithas Sanctuary and then The Mill
Any CR appropriate encounters
Have dire wolves show themselves but not have them attack, to build up to part 3  

3. Daithas Sanctuary

• The main purpose of this encounter is to show them Katya. Katya is Daithas niece and Gileans daughter, and the reason Gilean is performing atrocities (in an attempt to cure her).
• The wolves know where the ghouls are. If Daitha is asked, he will talk to his wolves, then say that they were along a trail to the southwest, and he can have one of his wolves show them the way
• He is a high level Druid (10)   Arrival: The party is accosted by a few dozen dire wolves who circle them. Daitha arrives before combat ensues or on round 1 by stepping OUT of a tree (he can tree step). Once things settle down, he invites them in and explains he is the caretaker of these woods.   Daitha is a bit awkward, doesn't get visitors. He is the caretaker of a simpleton named Katya.  

1. Daithas Earthen Home

This earthen home is built into a grassy hill. It is handcrafted with intricate carvings of animals and other exquisite woodwork, as well as a variety of exotic plants and growing vegetables.   Daitha brings them inside. He gives them food, drink and shows them around. They notice Katya, who stares blankly. She speaks simply, often doesn't respond, and hums quietly to herself. Daitha is clearly sad about her state. "Sometimes natures blessings do not make sense"   He lies that her parents were killed by brigands, but will not reveal who her parents are. If the party senses her emotions, they see darkness, bright images of undeath, frightening screams and haunted dreams. She is clearly troubled. No magic will cure her save a wish.   Daitha should point the party to 2. The Sawmill


Dire Wolf.png
Dire Wolf

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