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Dragonkind is separated into two types:   False Dragons - these are beings that have various quantity of draconic blood, due to evolution and arcane machinations draconic bloodline was merged with that of lesser beings, False Dragons retain some of draconic powers and abilities but cannot be fully qualified as a dragon. To this group belong: Dragon Turtle, Faerie Dragon, Drake, Pseudodragon, Wyvern, Dragonborn (them being the part of this group is disputed among scholars)   True dragons - these are the beings that came from Lumera long before The Arrival, at the time that Primal Gods and primitive species roamed the land. There are three distinctive types of true dragons, Chromatic, Metallic and (extremely rare) Gem Dragons.   This article will explain the properties that all of dragonkind share.

Basic Information


Dragonkind are have six limbs, hind set is used for walking alone, front set universally have sharp claws, they can be used both for walking and as a form of natural weapon, the dorsal set are the wings that most of dragonkind can use for flight. The exceptions are Dragon Turtles that have their dorsal set joined to the shell and Dragonborn that lack dorsal set all together. They also have mobile and prehensile tail, which helps with balance and can be used as a weapon.   They have scales covering their entire bodies, with larger, thicker and stiffer scales on the dorsal side, and smaller, thinner and more elastic scales on the ventral side and near the joints.   The head is usually prolonged with many sets of sharp, replaceable teeth, they have one pair of eyes. In the thorax there is a gland that has ability to create the dragon breath. The dragon breath can have various qualities depending on dragons color.   The entire body of any dragonkind is strongly magical, the exception to this are the Dragonborn.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragonkind are exclusively oviparous, typically the female lies up to three eggs, these can stay in suspension until optimal circumstances arise, in case of false dragons the maximum times are 3 months in case of Dragonborne, year in pseudodragons, wyverns and drakes, 10 years in fearie dragons and over a century in dragon turtles. True Dragon eggs stay in suspension indefinitely. Eggs are hard to destroy while in suspension.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All of Dragonkind have excellent eyesight and darksight that grows more powerful with age (this is especially evident in true dragons). Dragonkind have keen hearing, but directional hearing is limited by their ear anatomy. Many of dragonkind have sense of smell better that typical humanoid.

Fear of the Dragons

    "The fear of Dragons that most of the civilized people feel is quite irrational. No person is going to even see a Dragon in their lifetime, with possible exception of an inhabitant of Empire borderlands. But there are many stories circulating of Dragons flying around, burning down cities, abducting or devouring people and cattle. Where do these come from ? Many Dragons in the world are civilized, living among the Akhatai, rest exist somewhere remote, far from civilization, and even a wild dragon is clever enough to stay away from sharp arrowheads and cold steel. But somewhere in our history there is an event, or maybe a series of events that cause people of the world to still be terrified of an idea of a Dragon, even through all this time and generations"  
  • excerpt from Here be Dragons, treatise from 815 AR, by Sahir Endras, from university of Tel' Astra
  • Draconic

      All of Dragonkind have an instinctive ability to either speak or in the case of pseudodragons, wyverns and drakes to understand Draconic. This is a part of dragon heritage, and does not require learning.

    Mind of the Dragon

      All of dragonkind are fiercely intelligent, with lone exception of Drakes. Most of Dragonkind can walk and speak within days of hatching and quickly develop, especially mentally.   Significant part of the dangers the Dragon might cause is their cunning, ability to learn and strategise.

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    6 Jan, 2022 04:28

    I love the excerpt! It really brings the idea of your world to life especially catches the interest in other things such as Akhatai.