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Summercamp 2023 Big List and Stats

If you don't care about my rambling or stats, you can skip to the list.

With the end of the Reading Challenge, I once again gathered all the entries to list every author who was mentioned. It's the last time I do this manually. Starting next time I will automate the process and my sanity will thank me!


For the meantime, there may be some mistakes. For example, some authors use two different names or have another pseudonym in the world's URL. I tried to be as thorough as possible but some subtleties may have eluded me. Don't hesitate to point them out and I will fix them immediately.


Note on the mention count: I consider a mention each time an article of an author is cited independantly. Which means some authors got up to 3 mentions in the same article. However, if the articles are grouped up, I consider it one mention. For example, a presentation of an author with three articles cited as example of their work is only one mention. Also, there were several instancies where the article linked multiple dozens of bonus articles, which I did not count this time, for time reasons.




113 Challenge Articles

1338 Mentions

402 Authors Mentioned


These numbers are wild! It's about 1.5 times more than last year's Summercamp Reading Challenge in all categories. It really shows how the community has grown and welcomed many more talented writers.


While I gave up trying to make as detailed stats as the last time (otherwise I would have published this article in november), I noticed some patterns. I may be biased since it is my mother tongue, but it felt like there were more french articles, both in the Reading Challenge entries and in the mentions.


Most mentioned authors





Eternal Sage AmélieIS

Amélie I. S. Debruyne
To see what I am up to: SC list of articles and goals.

25 mentions across 22 articles!



Eternal Grandmaster Hanhula


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28 mentions across 24 articles!  



  25 mentions across 21 articles!

To be honest, I expected much higher mention count from the top of the list, considering the sheer amount of mentions overall. But the numbers are about the same as last year (26 mentions for Qurilion vs 28 for Hanhula). It's actually good to see that mentions are spread out and that everybody is not reading the work of the same 2-3 people. 21 people were mentioned 10 times or more (10 in 2022), and more than half the authors were mentioned more than once.


The Big List!


The full list is below, with links to the challenge articles mentioning the author. You can use ctrl+F and type your name to see who mentioned you, and if you discover someone you didn't know mentioned you go give them some love!

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AuthorTimes mentionedMentioned by
Hanhula28 Autumn Kitsune, Nimsy, Jester%, Mochimanoban, Rashkavar, ECCBooks, Demongrey, Strixxline, Those2Nerds, Alex the Creatrix, Menatith, RiverFang, Scalenex, Amélie I.S., Yelrafekim, CrazyEddie, Kwyn Marie, Anna Omis, MandoMc, hughpierre, tlcassis, RandoScorpio, CallyxtusEBelt
AmélieIS25 Astervela, Michael Chandra, lilianacasper, Ononomad, Mochimanoban, Rashkavar, ninodonlord, ECCBooks, Demongrey, JoellaKay, Those2Nerds, Wordigirl, Yelrafekim, Escritora Novata, SBdrag, MandoMc, Draagax, Mardrena, barriesaxxy, Krayvuk, MelissaPlaysRPGs, Rumengol
Stormbril25 Usurperkings, nnie, AlwaysRoomforPud, ECCBooks, Kitoypoy, Strixxline, Scalenex, Amélie I.S., CrazyEddie, Blue Fairy 74, SBdrag, MandoMc, Draagax, Kat Chiron, Mardrena, tlcassis, Worldwildbuilder, CallyxtusKrayvuk, Hanhula, Rumengol
EmilyArmstrong14 Autumn Kitsune, Jester%, Usurperkings, Mochimanoban, ECCBooks, Amélie I.S., Yelrafekim, CrazyEddie, Kwyn Marie, MandoMc, KBignell, tlcassis, Orthais
barriesaxxy14 Autumn Kitsune, Astervela, cedes, Secere Laetes, Paul Norris, Pete Nelson, Eldknighterrant, Tecknaragnes, Lia Felis, Koragath, Anna Omis, Kat Chiron, Elspeth87, Wellsy Gaming
Mochimanoban13 Autumn Kitsune, Usurperkings, Cassie Storyweaver, BCGR_Wurth, Those2Nerds, RiverFang, Amélie I.S., Tecknaragnes, kydrahunter, TheMrBeasly, tlcassis, RandoScorpio, Callyxtus
Those2Nerds13 Astervela, Cassie Storyweaver, Mochimanoban, nnie, ECCBooks, Kitoypoy, Strixxline, Scalenex, CrazyEddie, Kat Chiron, tlcassis, Wellsy Gaming, Rumengol
Kummer Wolfe 13 Autumn Kitsune, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Harldawg, BCGR_Wurth, Alex the Creatrix, RiverFang, Scalenex, Blue Fairy 74, Aria Solstice, Deleyna, tlcassis, Moondare, Rumengol
ECCBooks13 Usurperkings, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, lilianacasper, , [url:]Pete Nelson, Lucious Ruby, TheMrBeasly, ViviMorena, Anna Omis, Krayvuk, Moonlight Bard, Drake Ragon, Desdemonarose
Strixxline13 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, cedes, TinkerTech, , [url:]Those2Nerds, Wordigirl, CrazyEddie, Blue Fairy 74, Endrise, CallyxtusMoonlight Bard, Johe
It's Moro! 12 Astervela, The Winter Salmon, M.R.R. Shelswell, Paul Norris, Harldawg, Scalenex, Kwyn Marie, ViviMorena, Draagax, Aria Solstice, Drake Ragon
Deleyna12 cedes, Javak, AlwaysRoomforPud, Paul Norris, Alex the Creatrix, Wordigirl, Scalenex, Tecknaragnes, RPGDinosaurBob, Escritora Novata, Elspeth87, Rumengol
Kitoypoy12 Usurperkings, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Secere Laetes, TinkerTech, ECCBooks, Alex the Creatrix, Wordigirl, Amélie I.S., SBdrag, CallyxtusMelissaPlaysRPGs, Desdemonarose
George Sanders 12 TaraFaeBelle, Michael Chandra, lilianacasper, Jdebro, Wordigirl, Cargo Jade, Deleyna, tlcassis, HanhulaElspeth87, Desdemonarose
WantedHero11 Secere Laetes, Demongrey, Alex the Creatrix, RiverFang, 1337spectra, kydrahunter, Hellay, Deleyna, TrudyG, tlcassis
nnie11 Secere Laetes, Rashkavar, Paul Norris, JoellaKay, Strixxline, Those2Nerds, Alex the Creatrix, Amélie I.S., CrazyEddie, freedomExpress, Hanhula
Wulvenfire11 Michael Chandra, M.R.R. Shelswell, KatSanders, Those2Nerds, Pete Nelson, Tecknaragnes, Noah_Oowada, Draagax, Valcin, Weyersba, Drake Ragon
Nimsy11 Jester%, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Mochimanoban, Kitoypoy, Those2Nerds, Amélie I.S., TheMrBeasly, Kat Chiron, KBignell, Elspeth87, Desdemonarose
CrazyEddie11 Michael Chandra, Secere Laetes, ninodonlord, TinkerTech, JoellaKay, Strixxline, TheMrBeasly, MezzoPatricia, CallyxtusMoonlight Bard, Drake Ragon
Tillerz10 Astervela, Michael Chandra, Rashkavar, Scalenex, CrazyEddie, TheMrBeasly, Anna Omis, Mardrena, Callyxtus
Kefkejaco10 Autumn Kitsune, Ononomad, ninodonlord, Stenli, Blue Fairy 74, MandoMc, barriesaxxy, CallyxtusOrthais
Kwyn Marie 10 TaraFaeBelle, Wordigirl, 1337spectra, Stenli, Blue Fairy 74, George Sanders, TrudyG, Dredaich, Krayvuk, Rumengol
DreamCartographer9 Jester%, redbeardcreator, KatSanders, Kitoypoy, Wordigirl, Amélie I.S., Escritora Novata
Lia Felis 9 Javak, Paul Norris, Yelrafekim, ViviMorena, Mardrena, RandoScorpio
Callyxtus9 Jester%, Strixxline, BCGR_Wurth, Menatith, Kwyn Marie, Stenli, Stenli, KBignell, Worldwildbuilder
Sh4dowPho3n1x9 Autumn Kitsune, Secere Laetes, Rashkavar, Amélie I.S., CrazyEddie, SBdrag, RandoScorpio, Desdemonarose
Revyera9 Astervela, Jester%, Ononomad, DreamCartographer, Scalenex, Amélie I.S., CallyxtusOrthais, Elspeth87
auzins929 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, cedes, SanctifiedSavageScalenex, Enoris.leinwand, Hellay, Endrise, Moondare, Wellsy Gaming
Wordigirl9 TaraFaeBelle, Javak, Jdebro, 1337spectra, Escritora Novata, ViviMorena, Notavi, Desdemonarose
Serukis8 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Rashkavar, ninodonlord, TinkerTech, ECCBooks, Scalenex, Amélie I.S., ViviMorena
Ecl1psed8 Astervela, Ononomad, Scalenex, Amélie I.S., CrazyEddie, Stenli, Blue Fairy 74, hughpierre
Alishahr8 cedes, Pete Nelson, Menatith, Scalenex, Amélie I.S., ViviMorena, Kat Chiron, Deleyna
Qurilion8 Usurperkings, KatSanders, Strixxline, Wordigirl, Amélie I.S., 1337spectra, Yelrafekim, tlcassis
PrippyMontyPoppyCock8 Astervela, Nimsy, Scalenex, Enoris.leinwand, Blue Fairy 74, tlcassis, barriesaxxy
Krayvuk8 Belerion_Bard, R.R. LoreCastle, Blue Fairy 74, Cargo Jade, Aria Solstice, tlcassis, RandoScorpio
RandoScorpio8 TaraFaeBelle, Stenli, Blue Fairy 74, tlcassis, MezzoPatricia, Krayvuk
Yerran8 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Demongrey, Blue Fairy 74, , [url:]Strixxline, R.R. LoreCastle, Stenli, TerionCalling
RiverFang8 Cassie Storyweaver, Jdebro, Scalenex, CrazyEddie, Blue Fairy 74, hughpierreNotavi
Irately8 Astervela, Demongrey, Eldknighterrant, Scalenex, cow2face, TrudyG, TerionCalling
Moonlight Bard 8 Astervela, Jester%, TaraFaeBelle, Demongrey, Tecknaragnes, SBdrag, Krayvuk, MelissaPlaysRPGs
travakh8 Jester%, Those2Nerds, Eldknighterrant, TrudyG, Weyersba, RandoScorpio, MezzoPatricia, Notavi
ninodonlord8 Scalenex, CrazyEddie, Stenli, TrudyG, Johe, Moondare
TinkerTech7 Jester%, Kitoypoy, Demongrey, Those2Nerds, Menatith, Hellay, Kwyn Marie
The Big G 7 Astervela, TaraFaeBelle, NathaliaBooks1993, redbeardcreator, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Ononomad, Deleyna
MissIzette7 Astervela, Kitoypoy, Eldknighterrant, Scalenex, CrazyEddie, Kwyn Marie, George Sanders
EclecticExclamations7 redbeardcreator, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Belerion_Bard, Eldknighterrant, Scalenex, Hellay, Valcin
Kat Chiron 7 TaraFaeBelle, ninodonlord, KatSanders, JoellaKay, SanctifiedSavage, Mardrena, Endrise
R. R. LoreCastle 7 redbeardcreator, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Rashkavar, Scalenex, Lia Felis, TerionCalling
BasicDragon7 Astervela, Usurperkings, JoellaKay, Wordigirl, kydrahunter, Hellay, Orthais
MelissaPlaysRPGs7 ninodonlord, TinkerTech, Kitoypoy, R.R. LoreCastle, Amélie I.S., Aria Solstice, Desdemonarose
TheMrBeasly7 M.R.R. Shelswell, Wordigirl, Scalenex, Blue Fairy 74, Aria Solstice, TerionCalling
Monzooboo7 Astervela, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, M.R.R. Shelswell, R.R. LoreCastle, KBignell, HanhulaOrthais
BardoftheRift7 Rashkavar, M.R.R. Shelswell, UnagiLogic, Dredaich, Moondare, Notavi, TerionCalling
Nanotide6 Astervela, Nimsy, SanctifiedSavageR.R. LoreCastle, Lady Grayish
Sai_6 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, EclecticExclamations, Scalenex, RPGDinosaurBob, hughpierre
ShyRedFox6 TaraFaeBelle, Kitoypoy, Wordigirl, 1337spectra, Enoris.leinwand, George Sanders
Dhelian6 Astervela, Strixxline, RiverFang, CrazyEddie, Stenli, Draagax
Catoblepon6 Jester%, RiverFang, Amélie I.S., Escritora Novata, CrazyEddie, Callyxtus
RPGDinosaurBob6 TaraFaeBelle, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Scalenex, SBdrag, Aria Solstice, RandoScorpio
Theiket6 Rashkavar, JoellaKay, Alex the Creatrix, CrazyEddie, KBignell, Weyersba
TheOwlGod6 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Demongrey, Scalenex, Noah_Oowada, Valcin, Worldwildbuilder
PanthersEye6 Jester%, CrazyEddie, Stenli, cow2face, tlcassis, Callyxtus
G34RS6 AlwaysRoomforPud, Kwyn Marie, Noah_Oowada, Draagax, Valcin, Dredaich
Ondo6 RiverFang, Scalenex, Hellay, freedomExpress
AutumnKitsune6 BCGR_Wurth, Amélie I.S., 1337spectra, Cargo Jade, Moondare
Barron6 Mochimanoban, Javak, KatSanders, ECCBooks, Aria Solstice, Wellsy Gaming
TheDumbOwl6 Jester%, EclecticExclamations, BCGR_Wurth, Amélie I.S., Endrise, Hanhula
Shaaman6 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Harldawg, Scalenex, Kwyn Marie, falconx, Drake Ragon
Darkseid6 RiverFang, CrazyEddie, Kwyn Marie, Noah_Oowada, tlcassis, Elspeth87
Momococa6 M.R.R. Shelswell, Belerion_Bard, Tecknaragnes, Aria Solstice, Valcin, Notavi
TaraFaeBelle6 Wordigirl, Cargo Jade, George Sanders, KBignell, tlcassis, Rumengol
Astervela6 NathaliaBooks1993, lilianacasper, Eldknighterrant, Scalenex, MelissaPlaysRPGs, Desdemonarose
Illumiinae5 Astervela, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Amélie I.S., Lia Felis
Orthais5 Astervela, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Those2Nerds, Wordigirl, Kwyn Marie
Satrium5 TaraFaeBelle, Rashkavar, M.R.R. Shelswell, CrazyEddie
Paul Norris 5 Astervela, Javak, Scalenex, Lia Felis, Hellay
MezzoPatricia5 , [url:]AlwaysRoomforPud, Scalenex, Enoris.leinwand
drunkenpanda9515 EclecticExclamations, TinkerTech, Amélie I.S., Lady Grayish, Anna Omis
Hellay5 Paul Norris, Lucious Ruby, Lia Felis, RPGDinosaurBob, falconx
Chrispy_05 Paul Norris, Wordigirl, Scalenex, MandoMc, tlcassis
Keon Croucher 5 Jester%, PrippyMontyPoppyCock, kydrahunter, barriesaxxy
Michael Chandra 5 Harldawg, Scalenex, R.R. LoreCastle, MezzoPatricia, Dredaich
KBignell5 Scalenex, Enoris.leinwand, Kitoypoy, MezzoPatricia, barriesaxxy
DMSirSwank995 Astervela, Harldawg, Wordigirl, Scalenex, EBelt
Lil Pinecone 5 Astervela, TinkerTech, Wordigirl, Escritora Novata, EBelt
Dimitris5 Alex the Creatrix, Lucious Ruby, Blue Fairy 74, Drake Ragon
1337spectra5 lilianacasper, JoellaKay, R.R. LoreCastle, hughpierre, Rumengol
Nomadic Gaming 5 Scalenex, Anna Omis, RandoScorpio, Dredaich, Notavi
Escritora Novata 5 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Wordigirl, 1337spectra, Johe, EBelt
Gnolli5 Koragath, Lady Grayish, RandoScorpio, Moondare, EBelt
KOSpades5 NathaliaBooks1993, Cassie Storyweaver, Wellsy Gaming, Cargo Jade, EBelt
ThatMomFriend5 Lady Grayish, Draagax, Johe, MelissaPlaysRPGs, TerionCalling
Ademal4 Autumn Kitsune, Mochimanoban, ECCBooks, Amélie I.S.
EmperorDrako4 Astervela, Usurperkings, Belerion_Bard, Amélie I.S.
DarkTsuyoi4 Jdebro, RPGDinosaurBob, Koragath
Pete Nelson 4 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Menatith, Scalenex, Enoris.leinwand
Zannazook4 Usurperkings, DreamCartographer, Lucious Ruby, Stenli
Govika4 Nimsy, Paul Norris, Tecknaragnes, Cargo Jade
MysticSalad4 DreamCartographer, SanctifiedSavageR.R. LoreCastle, SBdrag
Naelin4 Ononomad, Mochimanoban, Amélie I.S., SBdrag
Rumengol4 Cassie Storyweaver, Those2Nerds, Amélie I.S., Anna Omis
Bonus Action 4 smokingbat7906, Scalenex, kydrahunter, Anna Omis
EVTaurus4 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Menatith, hughpierre
Jester 4 Jdebro, Scalenex, Koragath, hughpierre
Koragath4 Menatith, Scalenex, Amélie I.S., hughpierre
SanctifiedSavage4 Jester%, Wordigirl, MandoMc, Kat Chiron
Blue Fairy 74 4 ninodonlord, CrazyEddie, Kwyn Marie, Draagax
Pa_Kalsha4 Ononomad, Blue Fairy 74, Scalenex, Deleyna
Kydra Hunter 4 Javak, Lucious Ruby, Draagax, Deleyna
Ser_Richard4 , [url:]AlwaysRoomforPud, DreamCartographer, Valcin
Jacob-W 4 EclecticExclamations, RiverFang, Amélie I.S., freedomExpress
Johe4 Michael Chandra, ECCBooks, Escritora Novata, Callyxtus
Vazdimet4 Autumn Kitsune, redbeardcreator, freedomExpress
Heavy4 DreamCartographer, Scalenex, Cargo Jade, falconx
LoyalAir4 Nimsy, Stenli, Scalenex, tlcassis
Amelianite4 Rashkavar, JoellaKay, smokingbat7906, Hanhula
EricGarcia834 redbeardcreator, Belerion_Bard, Escritora Novata, Drake Ragon
Killer_Korax4 KatSanders, 1337spectra, Anna Omis, Moondare
kriltch4 Jester%, lilianacasper, Kat Chiron, Orthais
elspeth874 Nimsy, Escritora Novata, George Sanders, MelissaPlaysRPGs
Cassie Storyweaver 4 AlwaysRoomforPud, Scalenex, KBignell, Desdemonarose
Kishimpl4 Harldawg, Lucious Ruby, tlcassis, Notavi
tlcassis4 , [url:]Stenli, Worldwildbuilder, TerionCalling
AmethystScribe4 Scalenex, Valcin, Worldwildbuilder, Notavi
Tuisku4 Astervela, Endriseurl:]barriesaxxy, Drake Ragon
Tanai4 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Enoris.leinwand, Drake Ragon, TerionCalling
TheChangeling4 Strixxline, cow2face, Elspeth87, TerionCalling
Ellysium3 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, M.R.R. Shelswell, Scalenex
nturtanyr3 Nimsy, lilianacasper, UnagiLogic
TarkinLarson3 Usurperkings, TinkerTech, Jdebro
Usurperkings3 cedes, TinkerTech, ECCBooks
mark03 Michael Chandra, SanctifiedSavage, Lia Felis
Tris3 Astervela, RPGDinosaurBob, Scalenex
Alex the Creatrix 3 EclecticExclamations, DreamCartographer, kydrahunter
AvalonArcana3 NathaliaBooks1993, The Winter Salmon, ViviMorena
Lyveana3 SanctifiedSavage, Scalenex, Lady Grayish
Mardrena3 Wordigirl, CrazyEddie
Sgt.elyas 3 NathaliaBooks1993, EclecticExclamations, Anna Omis
Noah_Oowada3 lilianacasper, R.R. LoreCastle, cow2face
Malkuthe3 Eldknighterrant, cow2face, ViviMorena
ParadoxicalLemon083 Lady Grayish, Stenli, Anna Omis
Adcheryl3 Jester%, UnagiLogic, George Sanders
Steerpike19883 Eldknighterrant, Scalenex, Kat Chiron
Rynn193 Those2Nerds, Amélie I.S., George Sanders
Summerhawk3 Scalenex, Blue Fairy 74, Deleyna
adreaalien3 Nimsy, KatSanders, TrudyG
Ahmsy3 cedes, Scalenex, Endrise
Jdebro3 Rashkavar, RPGDinosaurBob, Weyersba
Rahjar3 AlwaysRoomforPud, RPGDinosaurBob, KBignell
Wellsy Gaming 3 Scalenex, Koragath, Dredaich
The_Betrayer_Titan3 UnagiLogic, kydrahunter, MezzoPatricia
Anna Omis 3 Pete Nelson, hughpierre, Krayvuk
CowanR673 Pete Nelson, Valcin, The Big G
GMcatalano3 The Winter Salmon, RandoScorpio, MezzoPatricia
ThomasF3 Wordigirl, Valcin, Endrise
cedes3 Koragath, Valcin, Worldwildbuilder
Twaren Stormborn 3 Worldwildbuilder
Barbarossa Sparklebeard 3 TaraFaeBelle, Scalenex, Drake Ragon
Demongrey3 AlwaysRoomforPud, Scalenex, MelissaPlaysRPGs
FrogDrake3 Paul Norris, Wordigirl, Drake Ragon
Nutmeg953 Belerion_Bard, Scalenex, Wellsy Gaming
IndigoChronicler3 UnagiLogic, Noah_Oowada, Rumengol
no-bees nova 3 , [url:]kydrahunter, Notavi
Ayra9263 smokingbat7906, falconx, Wellsy Gaming
JaedMc3 KatSanders, tlcassis, Orthais
Lnphysics3 Koragath, Endriseurl:]MelissaPlaysRPGs
ChroniclesOfEvalaw3 Noah_Oowada, tlcassis, Hanhula
Alwaysroomforpud2 Belerion_Bard, Scalenex
Belerion_Bard2 AlwaysRoomforPud, UnagiLogic
Brinsmead2 Nimsy, Mochimanoban
Damparo2 SanctifiedSavagesmokingbat7906
Dazzlinkat2 TaraFaeBelle, Scalenex
Doomhark2 DreamCartographer, Belerion_Bard
Elikwake2 TaraFaeBelle, EliKwake
greentop2 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, EclecticExclamations
Lady Grayish 2 cedes, Scalenex
M.H. Biscup 2 Mochimanoban
MandoMc2 Jester%, Cassie Storyweaver
nightOne2 Michael Chandra, Secere Laetes
NimrodialLibrary2 nnie, Jdebro
prestonthedm2 Nimsy, Scalenex
Rashkavar2 Ononomad, Scalenex
Rome2 redbeardcreator, Scalenex
SergeTheWizard2 NathaliaBooks1993, UnagiLogic
smokingbat79062 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, EclecticExclamations
That's Boring 2 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Michael Chandra
Valcin2 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Scalenex
evanarix2 Menatith, Escritora Novata
Graylion2 Harldawg, 1337spectra
The Mysterious AK 2 Wordigirl, Escritora Novata
ArachneWeaver2 Scalenex, ViviMorena
AuthorGoddess2 Scalenex, ViviMorena
Cobalt Sky 2 Jester%, MandoMc
Freja822 Harldawg, Blue Fairy 74
Gibo532 Belerion_Bard, Enoris.leinwand
lilianacasper2 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Hellay
M.R.R. Shelswell 2 KatSanders, TheMrBeasly
niterune2 Scalenex, Lady Grayish
Tonarus2 Stenli, Blue Fairy 74
SableAradia2 Jester%, cow2face
Staticstar12 Jester%, CrazyEddie
SyntaxChick2 Scalenex, Blue Fairy 74
Tome2Table2 Scalenex, cow2face
Voldrack2 , [url:]TheMrBeasly
LeeStepp2 Lia Felis, TheMrBeasly
Cryofrost2 Jester%, Draagax
DMFW2 ninodonlord, Aria Solstice
GoddessZenith2 NathaliaBooks1993, Kat Chiron
Philipwn2 kydrahunter, Aria Solstice
Eldknighterrant2 SBdrag, RandoScorpio
AlwaysRoomforPud2 Astervela, freedomExpress
AP2 Scalenex, Callyxtus
CandyH2O2 The Winter Salmon, barriesaxxy
Dylonishere2 Ononomad, tlcassis
EBelt2 ninodonlord, KBignell
euno2 NathaliaBooks1993, Weyersba
FireThornDragon2 NathaliaBooks1993, barriesaxxy
Furyoumiko2 BCGR_Wurth, falconx
JudasBrennan2 Jdebro, TrudyG
CTEJedi2 Lady Grayish, freedomExpress
kveldufr832 Secere Laetes, Callyxtus
Metlgraymon2 Scalenex, Worldwildbuilder
Racussa2 Secere Laetes, falconx
Springheeled Jack 2 Nimsy, Valcin
TibetTeamSix2 smokingbat7906, freedomExpress
EXP2 RPGDinosaurBob, Valcin
StardustScrapper2 RPGDinosaurBob, RandoScorpio
CoffeeCupKat2 Hellay, Weyersba
Bursco2 Noah_Oowada, Dredaich
JoebiWanKenobi3162 Valcin
Caestus2 Valcin, Dredaich
Reyke2 TrudyG, Weyersba
SBdrag2 Krayvuk
AmaruKrosis2 Scalenex, Wellsy Gaming
BCGR_Wurth2 Harldawg, Orthais
Clarissa Gosling 2 Javak, Desdemonarose
Colonel 101 2 Wordigirl, EBelt
cow2face2 Scalenex, MelissaPlaysRPGs
Enorisleinwand2 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Moondare
HunterChristmas12472 Jester%, Elspeth87
Kaari132 Lucious Ruby, Notavi
TrudyG2 The Winter Salmon, Notavi
Windoula2 BCGR_Wurth, Moondare
Yelrafekim2 PrippyMontyPoppyCock, Hanhula
Mutterwolf2 Kwyn Marie, Drake Ragon
Tynen_TM2 Cargo Jade, Orthais
TJ Trewin 2 Anna Omis, Elspeth87
Locklear2 Valcin, Wellsy Gaming
AlexKK2 tlcassis, Elspeth87
AeliaFlavia1 PrippyMontyPoppyCock
Aldrea Alien 1 redbeardcreator
Alyvins1 Michael Chandra
AmazingChi1 The Winter Salmon
ArcaneRising1 UnagiLogic
Basinox1 [url:
BelongingtoAnoani1 Lucious Ruby
BladesWillFall1 smokingbat7906
Brickosaur1 M.R.R. Shelswell
Carey_Author1 Scalenex
Cognoscente1 Wordigirl
DaniAdventure1 ECCBooks
Darth Halford 1 TaraFaeBelle
DM Torment 1 PrippyMontyPoppyCock
Echo Hawk 1 Javak
Elderwinter1 Cassie Storyweaver
Elektriik1 Scalenex
Elektrokapuscioscha1 Harldawg
Endrise1 Scalenex
Fishwe1 BCGR_Wurth
Fizzybrat1 Eldknighterrant
FTourini1 UnagiLogic
Gamtauru1 Scalenex
Gorkam Worka 1 JoellaKay
Grozo1 Scalenex
Hallo_1 The Winter Salmon
HarborWizard7631 The Winter Salmon
Harldawg1 Scalenex
hughpierre1 Those2Nerds
IBB1 Pete Nelson
Inkith1 SanctifiedSavagee
Jack Boon 1 Astervela
Janet1 smokingbat7906
Jarhed1 Jester%
JeSuisAmanda1 DreamCartographer
Jontaro1 Strixxlinee
JrLopez49891 Scalenex
Kamiwells1 [url:
KatSanders1 Scalenex
Keyjktae1 SanctifiedSavagee
Kisse1 Scalenex
kittycat20071 Michael Chandra
kmcgeorge1 Nimsy
Kunjiro881 Pete Nelson
Leashea1 Jester%
ljth211 Scalenex
Lonely Djinn 1 smokingbat7906
Pyryz1 cow2face
Mad Atom 1 Jester%
MasterofLegends031 The Winter Salmon
Melestrua1 Cassie Storyweaver
Mlakuthe1 redbeardcreator
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It is also my new longest article, with over 20000 words according to the WA counter.


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Sep 15, 2023 00:12 by Chris L

Great work, you've done so much collating here, my brain hurts for you! Thanks for doing this for the community.

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Sep 16, 2023 20:18

Thank you for the kind words, it definitely took too much time, but it is very worth it :D

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Sep 15, 2023 20:47 by Han

holy shit

welcome to my signature! check out istralar!