A wanderer's pledge - SC 2024

It's gonna be a year

Hello everyone, how have you been doing? It feels like forever since the last time I actually published something significant on this website. Since the beginning of the year I've been working on a hard sci-fi world with a whole lot of WIP articles. More recently, I put that on stand-by due to a drop in motivation to prepare what is surely my most ambitious project yet, something never seen before on WA! But it needs time and I won't reveal anything about it.


And then, I'm left in June, at the summer's door, with no project so to say. As it happens, I also have 29 worldbuilding worlds on WA, and a few more that I have yet to create. Most of them are empty, which is a damn shame. Hence, I decided to start my own camp, to celebrate people who, like me, have way too many worlds to properly work on all of them.


Wandering Worldsmith Camp


Wandering Worldsmiths travel and build a lot of worlds. They may look similar or very different, but they all share a common creator. Yet, this creator might favour one over the others for some time, or entirely. But the wanderer never settles in one place, and always goes back to its previous homes. To be recognized a Wandering Worldsmith, you have to answer the prompts in different worlds


The Wandering Worldsmith explores many worlds and build upon them at their own pace. This camp is an extra challenge on top of regular Summercamp, which comes itself in 3 tiers. Each of them are doable no matter which badge you aim for during Summercamp.


Click on the big badge for more information.

Wandering Worldsmith badge
Wandering Worldsmith badge by Rumengol

Adequate (Wandering) Worldsmith

Adequate Wandering Worldsmith badge
Adequate Wandering Worldsmith badge by Rumengol

The Adequate WW likes to stay in known waters. They are famous in their territory, and built solid foundations. To validate this badge, you need to submit at least 1 prompt in 4 different worlds. You can do so as you wish, even writing 29 prompts in one world and 3 in 3 others do the trick! My suggestion is to take on a new world for each prompt wave, but again, you do you!

Seasoned Wandering Worldsmith

Seasoned Wandering Worldsmith badge
Seasoned Wandering Worldsmith badge by Rumengol

The Seasoned WW has a vast array of worlds to chose from when planning their next worldbuilding article, yet they still know them by the heart. For this tier, you need to submit 4 articles in [your goal divided by 4] different worlds. To spare you the maths:

  • Copper: 2 different worlds
  • Silver: 4 different worlds
  • Gold: 6 different worlds
  • Diamond: 8 different worlds

    It might look easier than the AWW tier for copper and silver badges, but remember that you have to write 4 articles in each world, so it's also stricter.

    Wondrous Wandering Worldsmith

    Wondrous Wandering Worldsmith badge
    Wondrous Wandering Worldsmith badge by Rumengol

    The Wondrous WW has seen it all. They travaled far and wide, to the deepest reaches of the known universe, and didn't even stop. To be awarded this badge and stand as a veteran wanderer, you will need to submit each one of your articles in different worlds. That means that if you're also going for diamond, you will write articles in 32 worlds (40 if you're a super completionist).


    My goals


    With that, what do I aim for this summer? By the end of July, my title shall be Chill, Spooky, Dewy and Wondrous Wandering Worldsmith:

  • Chill: I'm never satisfied with short articles, but it will be fine. Even if the articles are not perfectly polished I won't stress over it.
  • Spooky: There's got to be at least one or two spooky articles.
  • Dewy: That's right, the diamond streak will continue!
  • WWW: And all that with not a single article in the same world. 32 articles, 32 worlds, let's go!
  • A shield-shaped badge depicting a collection of cozy camping items -- gas stove, teapot, knapsack, teacup, and lantern -- with a ghostly figure hovering in the foreground.
    Spooky Shenanigans Badge 2024 by Haly, the Moonlight Bard/Canva
    Dewy Diamonds Badge by Strixxline

    For this reason, the homework feels a bit awkward. Most of my worlds don't have any article, let alone tags or categories. And I'm definitely not writing a full meta for everything. So what will my prep look like?


    Bring online the remaining worlds


    Most of the worlds I've created are already on WA, with a homepage, a description and a fitting theme. Yet, there are some that I haven't taken the time to create yet. So this summer, I will invite you to the desert of Rouge Sable, the drowning city of Atlantis, the aerial islands of These clouds below our heads, and some more!

    (try to) Create a more cohesive hub


    Originally, The Library at the Centre of All Things (this world) was created to be an information hub for my numerous world, a place that people can visit to get a better overview of what I do than the Worlds user tab. Since then, I used it more as a meta world than anything else. If real life stuff let me enough time, I might rehabilitate it to what it should have been.


    Week 2


    Refuge, eh? As I thought last week, it will be hard to think of something meaningful or general enough for the 32 anticipated worlds... The definition of refuge can be quite broad, and differ from world to persons. In After the Fog, New Detroit, the underground shelter, is supposed to be humanity's ultimate refuge. Yet, descending in the claustrophobic depths is a dreaded event in the life of most children of the fog.


    Another example is the Spheres of Oblogga. They are the refuge of a desperate life that cannot exist without them, assuming all roles that a habitat can provide. And at the same time, they are predators, forces of destruction and war vessels. What of the immortal 26? In the timescale of their existence, they can only find solace in the company of their kin, for all else is ephemeral and won't outlast them.




    For the first time since I began to partake in WA competitions, I am blessed to be part of a writer's group to help with goal accountability. The Storyteller's Circle is a great place for that, thanks to the awesome people there. Additionnally, I have some friends who will be delighted to remind me of the unreasonable goals I set for myself and where they are. Thanks guys.



    For now, except for a few worlds (The Spheres of Oblogga, After the Fog and The Alchemist's Sanctum, my CSS is very barebone: they all use a specific theme that is close to the vibe of the world, but not all are a good match, and their appearance is not noteworthy. I won't make a theme for each world (I'm not that crazy), and I think my formatting skills are good enough not to need super shiny CSS and still have an article pleasing to the eye. Yet again, I'm very bad at visual stuff so it might not be so. Don't hesitate to tell me if I do things wrong, that happens all the time.


    However, I will try to add a world cover for all worlds. The WorldAnvil default is alright, but even I have trouble browsing my own world as they all look the same in the list.


    Week 3


    Aaah, beliefs and religion. While I am a complete atheist, I find incredibly interesting the concept of faith in a higher power and its consequences on the population. I have thus surface knowledge in many of real life religions and superstition, which helps me design my own. Dew Drops is heavily inspired by Japanese mythology and As Zep Tepi directly taps into ancient egypt lore, for instance.


    But more than existing pantheons, I find it even more interesting to explore novel gods with tenets vastly different from the ones we know. The Divine Ordeal is a pure Divine Tyranny world where slandering a god is an act of foolishness calling for a divine smite. God's End describe an agonizing world, where the gods living among mortals are progressively slain, leaving their domains unattended.


    Finally, another aspect I like to think of is playing god. How a sufficiently powerful entity can present itself as a god to a lesser people and dominate them (think Stargate's Goa'ulds). This idea is not the focus of a whole world, but explored in multiple like Waysol, Five Skies, the Alchemist's Sanctum and the Canticles




    For each world, I have a pack of inspiration, but listing them all here would be boring. Instead, I'll talk about how I get motivated to work on specific things, which is correlated to the inspiration they provide. I'm very easily influenced by things, and I have a few works that make me want to get on a project or the other. Some examples:




    Listening to Rustyquill's We're Alive always makes me want to write zombie stuff, which would be Their World. This is my best and most striking example, as it never fails.



    If I want to work on one of my supernatural/urban fantasy world, I can look in several directions: Dylon's The Web, the SCP Foundation and Rustyquill's The Magnus Archives. They are all very good for worlds like One Step Aside, After the Fog and The Alchemist's Sanctum. For the latter, playing Fallen London is another surefire way of triggering my interest. Not that surprising, considering how close the two universes are to each others.

    In general


    Music and art are the best vectors for me. I have a stash of amazing artworks I can look at for inspiration, and an ever-expanding playlist of obscure music of all genres and moods to help me get to work.


    Real life is another great source of inspiration, documentaries in particular. There is not a scientific documentary where I'm not thinking "oh, that's very cool, I should put something like that in this world!"


    Week 4


    So we're talking decay this week? Alright, so a throwback to week 1 with a peculiar type of change. Decay can be seen as a change from the healthy to the sick, from the well to the rotten. Yet, it is not a bad thing by definition. As a drive of change, it is the process of cleaning after one's life, to leave the place clean for the beings to come.


    When thinking about decay in my work, the first thing that comes to my mind is of course Immortals, a world where people cannot die but where all others process, including senescence and diseases. A decaying world unable to move on, stuck before the last step required to achieve this process. Could there be a better playground for this theme?

    Another dive into this theme is within Their World. Biopunk zombies are a humanity-ending threat, each one stronger than a regular military squad, but they are inevitably decaying. For the survivors, it is a race against the clock. If they can just survive the onslaught for a few years, humanity will get rid of the undead menace without lifting a finger.


    And finally, moral decay as opposed to physical. For this one, the 26 are obvious. A major theme of this story is the passage of time, and how it affects the mind of immortals with an ever-healthy body. 26 flavours of decaying minds far outliving their purpose.


    Homework check-up, week 1


    So the first week I said my prep would revolve around 2 things: bringing online many worlds to reach the number I needed to achieve the Wondrous Wandering Worldsmith: 32, not counting if possible my secret project world and the one I work on with a friend; as well as making a comprehensive hub.


    Well, both are a success (kinda)! I have all the worlds I need, and made a poorly explained hub, because I didn't have the time to put a complete guide. To be honest, I didn't have the time to do that either but somehow here it is.

    My worlds, poorly explained
    Generic article | Jun 23, 2024

    And with that, my homework is complete! I will be in a week-long conference starting tomorrow and back right when the first wave drops. See you there, and happy Summercamp!


    Author's Notes

    Please tell me someone got the "Adequate Worldsmith" reference.

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    Jun 9, 2024 04:08 by Jacqueline Yang

    Hello, I can't wait to see all the things you write this SC, especially with several, several worlds! You have so many options and choices you can do with the prompts!   I can't wait to participate in your Wandering Wordsmith Camp. Unfortunately I'll probably only be able to go for the Adequate Wandering Worldsmith (I just don't want to create a bunch of worlds that I don't do anything with, lol)   But don't forget to take care of yourself, and best wishes to you in world building and Summer Camp!

    Jun 16, 2024 09:52

    Thank you, I feel the hype build up as we get closer!   Yay, welcome to the party, glad to have you! Adequate is already a great challenge, for sure I don't want anyone to create new worlds just to get a silly badge, it should be meaningful!   Same for you, happy Summercamp :D

    Hoo~ Hoo
    Jun 23, 2024 10:39 by Mochi

    I love your wandering worldsmith camp! I will try my best to write in a handful of worlds :D I definitely have 4 I can write in!   Also I love that you've joined so many camps xD

    I hope you have a great day!   Explore the endless planets brimming with life of the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.   Check out my plans for Summer Camp!