Hades Chariot

Shortly after Hades discovered the existence of the Shadow Horses, he made the mistake of mentioning this to Zeus who, in his typical fashion,insisted that Hades had a chariot made with which to use them. (This was in the early days after the war and Olympian's triumph over the Titans. Everyone was eager to forge and strengthen relationships and alliances, hoping to put war behind them.) Hades had declined the offer, but Zeus had summoned Hephaestus and bid him work his magic with the forge and create a chariot worthy of the Lord of the Dead. There was no stopping matters at that point; Hades certainly wasn’t about to offend the great smith by refusing his work, over a chariot. And so it came to be that Hades, Lord of the Underworld and Keeper of the Dead, came to be in possession of a fairly ornate, but little used chariot. Zeus had, of course, insisted it to be a grand, gaudy contraption, done in all gold. To his part, Hephaestus tried to persuade Zeus that perhaps a gold chariot was not the best fit for his brother, but Zeus would not be deterred. It was only when Hephaestus hinted, strongly, that gold was an inferior metal for strength and that the vehicle for such a god as Hades should be forged of the same dark enchanted metal as Hades armor. In the end, a compromise was made, and Hades had to admit that the black and gold vehicle was an impressive piece of craftsman ship. In this regard, Hephaestus never failed.  

Composition & Materials:

Lightweight but incredibly strong and durable, the glossy black metal that comprises the main material of the chariot is, appropriately, derived from (ore?) deposits found only within the lower areas of the Underworld. Hades discovered it not long after his "acquisition" of the Underworld, on one of his many rambling walks. The metal was unfamiliar to him, and so he took to Hephaestus, to see if the Great Smith knew anything of it.
A mystery to even the smith, Hades suspects that they have only begun to uncover the secrets of the strange metal.

Currently, only Hades armor and chariot are the only known items to have made use of the metal.


As with any other Chariot, Hades chariot can be drawn by animals. However, as his chariot is drawn by the Shadow Horses, sired by Aether, they and therefore the Chariot are able to be drawn up into and driven through the air. This quality however is due to the Horses and not the chariot itself.

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9 Aug, 2022 01:29

Amusing to consider Zeus pushing this gift onto his brother and fun to consider a time in this pantheon whenever things between the gods were not so tense.