A prosperous coastal city that evolved from small farms along the Thriasian plain (expanse).
  Home of the Great Temple of Demeter, the Cult of Demeter and the Eleusian Mysteries.
This is where Demeter spent most of her time on the Mortal plan and where Persephone lived shortly before her descent into the Underworld.
  Due to it's highly blessed status from Demeter, and richness of grain, the city, though not expansive, is prosperous, well-kept, and highly sought after for religious travels. Because of this, although technically a deme of the city-state Attica, the city of Eleusis acted near independetly and held the privledge of it's own coin system and autonomous government.

Industry & Trade

Tourism Grain Seafood/Fish Baked Goods


Fish market General market Demeter's Temple grounds Magistrate's grounds Threshing floor

Points of interest

The @Great Temple of Demeter


People flock to the city every year during the Rites; both to pay their tribute and offerings to Demeter, and in the hopes of seeing or being able to join the elusive, secretive, and exclusive Eleusian Mysteries.
While this annual pilgramage proves to be a strong source of income for the city, the ever increasing numbers of tourists strains the city's resources.


Bounded on one side by the rocky cost of the Gulf, and on another by the expansive, fertile plain of Thria. Rumors and whispers tell of entrances to the Underworld among the nearby caves and caverns that line the coast.
While many of the rumors are the result of overactive mortal imaginations, there does exist a connection/entrance to the Underworld. However, a mortal would not find it unless it wanted to be found.

Natural Resources


Grains: Wheat and Barley Fish: Freshwater and Saltwater. Fresh and Preserved (salted, cured, smoked)


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