Cereal Grains - Wheat & Barley

Closely related, and able to be cross-bred, both Wheat and Barley are edible cereal grains that play a pivotal role in the lives of the Mortals.
In addition to the obvious use as food (for both humans and livestock), the grain is a vital economic commodity and export of the Greek city-states. Due to the similarities, they are nearly interchangeable in use as a foodstuff and the preference of one over the other in many recipes will vary by region and even family.
There are some sacred and ritual foods however, mostly for ritals and homages in regards to Demeter, that will call for the use of a specific grain.
For these rituals as well as the requisite offerings, cities, temples and private homes will put aside a set amount of each grain type.
In the city of Eleusis in particular, where the Goddess Demeter is revered the most, the growing of Wheat and Barley is especially important.
Demeter is, among other things, the Goddess of Grain for the mortals. It was she who introduced the precious crop to them, and who taught the first mortals of this age how to best cultivate, harvest and process the grains. The use of the grains for both and food and trade/export is partially(largely) what allowed the mortals of the city-states of Greece/Crete to prosper and expand.

In addition to introducing the mortals to grain, and essential harvesting techniques, Demeter can control the growth and prosperity of the grain.
For these reasons, grain is considered holy and any desecration of the threshing floors, holding silos, or harvesting equipment is akin to an insult to the Gods and therefore punishable by death. Similarly, in cities like Eleusius where the grain in grown and harvested in high quantities, any desecration or defilement of her temple is especially grevious.

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