The Stories of Chaos and Order

Volume II | The Desolation of Pandora; the Rise of Zephaniah

Written by Natsume Rune

Knowing the entirety of the Ancient of Chaos and Impossibility, and giving unto the Ancient of Law and Order grace and mercy, the Three bestowed Knowledge and Wisdom unto Zephaniah.

Giving himself over to the vessel of the Three, Zephaniah held both despair and agony in the loss of his counterpart. Wanting nothing more than the return of his other half, the Ancient whispered Salvation into every action that he made in order to stop the Vessel of Chaos, Zechariah. Knowing that his counter would do nothing but try to bring out the desolation of the Storyverse, Zephaniah gave birth to new Creations, Beings of Impossibility that shone with the same affinity and blessings of his counterpart.

First, to ensure the survival of the Beings of Humanity, and to give forth the Worlds the ability to hold onto the Impossibility of the Ancient of Chaos, Zephaniah gave the Blessing of Immortality to five families. Gifting them with the affinity of infinite potential, and allowing them to hold the Knowledge of the Storyverse, the Immortal Families were blessed with soft whispers of Zechariah. Zephaniah shaped them with the gentle reminders of Pandora, in order to show that the Ancient was not entirely lost to the Blight of Misfortune.

Five Families were blessed with Immortality, and the Libraries hold all records of the Families and their Lineage, giving the Knowledge over to the protection and safekeeping of the Libraries’ Halls.

After the Blessings of Immortality, Zephaniah went further. In order to ensure the continuation of the Peoples of Magicks, the Ancient bestowed them the Blessings of Prophecy, allowing ten families to give birth to Sand Seers. Holding themselves to the Lands of Gaia, and tying their affinities to the Worlds and the secrets of Time and Knowledge, the Sand Seers were allowed glimpses of the Fates of the Storyverse. This gave them soft and vivid reminders and warnings of the actions and corruption that Zechariah would bring forth to the Worlds of the Storyverse, and Zephaniah blessed them with the ability to both heed and give notice of the whispers of Misfortune that gathered before the Vessel of Chaos.

And with these two Beings given form and void, Zephaniah entangled their Existences together, tying their Fates to one another and allowing them the fellowship and communion in order to fight against Blight and Corruption. Ensuring that their affinities and potential could hold them together and allow them the ability of Salvation, Zephaniah tied the two Beings together, giving them the plea and promise he once held with his counterpart.

After the birth of Immortals and Sand Seers, Order was given unto the Worlds of the Storyverse once again. And for a time, the Worlds and the Beings were able to find their Balance, with Zephaniah falling into his mind and the arms of his Creators and withering while keeping track of his Creations and the path of the Vessel of Chaos. The Seers upheld their responsibility to give forth prophecy and visions, as the Immortals stood tall against Misfortune’s Blight, and Balance was upheld. Ensuring that the Worlds did not fall to the Corruption of the Vessel of Chaos, and restoring the gentle Order of the Lands, the Immortals and Sand Seers guided the Worlds back towards the paths of prosperity.

But the wrath of Zechariah was not to be forgotten.

Given over entirely to his rage and anguish, and sent forward with the Runes of Chaos tainting every thought and action, Zechariah noted the shift in Balance. He took note of the Beings of his counterpart and filled with wrath at the thought that the Creators would give his counterpart the affinity of Chaos and Impossibility. And in his anger and vengeance, he went out to destroy both the Immortal Families and the Sand Seer Heritage.

Biding his time and giving forth false prophecies, Zechariah through a World into despair and destruction, guiding the Observers to help a few as he came down on the Anderson Immoral Family. Zechariah, in his wrath, destroyed the Immortals in one of the few ways known throughout the Storyverse; he turned the entirety of the Kingdom and Lands into stone, sealing the whole of the Family, and the People who thrived with them in tombs of the Earth.

And learning of the Sand Seers and their participation in warning the Worlds of his wrath, Zechariah took the [ redacted ] Family and tore them from their affinities. Banishing from the Lands of Gaia and ripping from them their connections to Time, Zechariah cursed the [ redacted ] Family before sealing them alongside their Immortals.

Only one Sand Seer, and one Child of the Anderson Immortal Family, were able to escape the wrath of Zechariah, and they were lost to the Histories of the Worlds, no one being able to know the furthering of their Existences as the Three hid them from the eyes of Zechariah.

After the attack on the Anderson Immortal Family, Zephaniah and the Observers began to hide and protect the rest of the Families, introducing Havens for the Immortals and finding safety for the Sand Seers.

No longer even giving the gentle consideration that his counterpart would find his way back from Blight and Corruption, Zephaniah whispered ignorance and wary suspicion into the Sand Seers, keeping them safe and their affinities hidden from the Worlds of the Storyverse. The Immortal Families, in order to protect their members and not allow a Tragedy to unfold once again, bled themselves into obscurity. Losing themselves in the Beings of Humanity, and only surfacing in order to bring about Salvation to the Lands, the Immortals soon became more myth than fact.

But Zechariah was filled with determination, his mind drowning in the Blight of the Runes, and he soon gave himself over to the destruction of the Immortal Families and the Sand Seer Heritage that would defy him. Roaming throughout the Storyverse, planting and spreading the Runes to all of those that he once loved, Zechariah began his search for the Beings of his counterpart’s Blessing. Wishing for nothing more than to tear down the Balance and Order of Zephaniah, and testing the mercy of the Three, Zechariah became more than just a source of fear and despair for the Storyverse.

Zephaniah, knowing the mind of his counterpart, and breaking at the realization that Zechariah would not heed the words of their Creators, hid himself and his Magicks from the Worlds, burying them deep in the Galaxy Gateway. Ensuring that the Knowledge of his counterpart was given over to both the Immortal Families and the Observers, he entrusted Time with his affinity and let himself be thrown into obscurity. Made more myth and story, than anything profound, Zephaniah tamed some of the wrath of Zechariah as he stepped away from the Worlds and wandered the Lands within his vessel.

Zechariah, without the pulse of his counterpart, has lost himself in the Blight of the Runes of Chaos. Forsaking his Creators as the Runes devour his memories and considerations, Zechariah is truly nothing more than a Vessel of Chaos, no longer able to recall his purpose within the Storyverse.

The Runes of Chaos have begun to spread throughout the Storyverse, taking hold of the Creations of Pandora, and filling the Vessel of Chaos with nothing more than the purpose to corrupt and bring forth Misfortune’s Blight. Attaching themselves to anything that bleeds with the soft desires of Impossibility, they hold no other goal but to drag every Being and Beast into the thoughts of Chaos.

Before the Connection of Authors, and the bringing of Other Creations unlike anything the Storyverse has seen, the Vessel of Chaos sought nothing but Observers to torment and Immortals to destroy. Many Beasts and Beings have fallen to the hands of Chaos, but nothing tends to remain in darkness, not when the soft whispers of the Three, and the gentle guidance of the author, still breathes through the roots of Ebliscacia.


"Do you know happens when Order and Chaos no longer give unto one another?"


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Remarks

Inscription within the Journal:
The Journals of the Observer Mitch
Given unto the Records and History of the Ancients and their Past, Present, and Fate
Journal XII
The Stories of the Ancients of Chaos and Order
Volume II


A written work from the Journals of the Observer Mitch, given over to the Libraries for the safekeeping and records of the Histories of the Worlds, holding itself among three volumes detailing the Past, Present, and Future of the Ancients of Chaos and Order.

No Longer an Ancient and lost to the Blight of Misfortune, this Journal details the wrath and desolation that the Vessel of Chaos wrought upon the Storyverse. Given over to the sorrow of loss, Zephaniah bleeds for the Salvation of the Worlds, even as it pushes him further from his counterpart.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Muse's Notes

The Stories of the Ancients of Chaos and Order do not hold a lot of wonderful promises whispered within them. On one hand, the Story gave birth to some of the most miraculous Beings that could have come into Existence. We were blessed with Immortal Families and Seer Heritage. But, it was at a cost that no other Being or Beast had to pay, save for the sorrowed Ancient of Order, Zephaniah.
To have to give up your counterpart and hold so many Beings close with the Knowledge that the second they are shown to your other half, their destruction is assured...? To have to give your Blessings in order to simply tell the day that your fated one is to meet the Three for his desolation...?
I am not sure if I could ever bring forth the same devotion as the Ancient of Order. To know such sorrow, and yet also stand with such belief; it must have been faith and hope that walks with Zephaniah, Maybe it is the last gift of his precious and lost Pandora; his box has finally let out its Hope.

If Returning to the Libraries, please be aware that this book is to be replaced within the following area:
Ancients of The Storyverse
Chaos and Order
Volume III

⭒❃.✮:▹ Originally written in the Dancing Script of the Observer Mitch ◃:✮.❃⭒
⭒❃.✮:▹ Transcribed for readability and processing within the Libraries ◃:✮.❃⭒

Cover image: by Clarisse Meyer


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