Falsaga (Faul - say - gah)

The Worlds of Trees and Wonder

Written by Natsume Rune

❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Enter Wanderer ◃✮.゚.*・。゚❃

The soft whisper of a language unknown drifts between the books and shelves until the gentle noise breaks you from your focus. You blink, lift your head and tilt it to try to give more attention to the murmuring voices, frown and instantly stand when nothing comes but the soft call of whispers and mystery.   The familiar spark of intrigue and wonder come as you make your way to the voices, the gentle Whispers of the Void slowly growing in excitement and interest as you roam further in to the Libraries. It only takes one step, the environment easily shifting from one point into another as the Libraries give your passage. You find yourself walking into an open room, the round edges giving over a door that is more than entangled in Ebliscacia’s roots.   You stare at the open room for a moment, take in the walls filled with Knowledge. Books and shelves are fill the space to almost overflowing; you note some books that sit in front of the shelves, not yet given their own space. You hum as you wander further into the room, blink for a moment before you note a book sitting on a pedestal, the soft glow of embers and light reminding you of the Whispers of the Void. You instantly give your attention to the book, walk forward and gasp softly once you realize that the soft murmur of unknown Languages is shifting from the books, the voices rising and falling as the pages of the book shift themselves with gentle attention.   You let yourself focus on the book, easily watching and trying to listen to what the whispers speak of. There is little to no familiarity in the words, but you hum as you watch the Magicks rise from the pages and ink, easily stepping forward and finding that the soft glow of light begins shifting into the gentle cursive of easily-formed words.

The Thoughts of Falsaga,
The World of Trees and Wonder
  You frown, mouthing the name of the World as you glance up, eyes falling on the sturdy door that holds solidity between the branches and vines of the Libraries. You step to the door, carefully inspecting the door for any sign or warning but nothing comes but the gentle flow of cursive carving into the wood with a soft breeze.

The Falsagan Door of Tempkinhand
The Lands of the Observer, ____
  You blink at the words, a soft hum rising as you glance back into the depths of the Libraries. There is nothing but the gentle murmur of the book, the soft winds that never leave the Halls, the whispers of the Tree and Void. But nothing comes to give you warning, and you take a soft breath before stepping to the door and easily taking the handle.   The door opens so easily, the shift so smooth, you don’t even realize you are moving and wandering until you step into the World.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ The World ◃✮.゚.*・。゚❃

Holding a supercontinent that gives space to most of the population, as well as neighboring Lands and Islands holding a refuge, Falsaga is one of the Worlds of the Original Observers. Connected to the Libraries and whispering through the body and mind of the Observer Abel, the World is one of instability and tentative Order, after the Desolation of Pandora. With the Observer ____ lost to the Blight of Misfortune, the World has given itself over the soft decay of imbalance and Corruption.   The two major Lands that holds Beast and Being within Falsaga are the supercontinent holding the same name as the World and containing the Five Giants, and the Lands and Islands holding the Kingdom of Tempkinhand. Both Lands gives themselves over to the gentle expansion of Beast and Being, with Falsaga hosting both the Beings of Humanity and the Peoples of Magicks while Tempkinhand has given itself over to the gentle call of Nature and Herbalists.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ The Landscape ◃✮.゚.*・。゚❃

Falsaga, the Lands of Beasts and Blight

The Supercontinent of the World and the main area for both Beast and Being, Falsaga holds a Landscape that has been eaten away by the Blight and Corruption of Misfortune. Giving itself over to Five different Kingdoms, and neighboring the smaller continent of Tempkinhand and the Gateway into the Galaxies, the Lands were once a thriving home for all, giving forth the protection and prosperity needed to bring forth the furthering of the Beings within the World.   The Lands were once divided into four main parts, the Obes Compass holding the lay where each of the Kingdoms sat with their claim in the supercontinent. Given over to the North and East lay the Mountainous Chambers of the Earth Pavilions; the East and South give way to the Burning Plazas of the Fire Courts; the South and and West hold the Bleeding Temples of the Water Councils; the West and North hold the Forgotten Monuments of the Air Channels.   And, at the center of everything, lies the Hallowed Sanctuaries of the Human Kingdoms.   Once proud and peaceful, the Five Giants would thrive as one entity, giving and taking of one another and living with the prosperity of others in mind. But the Beings of the Humanity, as with all their Kind, fell to the Blight of Misfortune, tainting the gentle countries from the inside out. War ravaged the Earth Pavilions and Misfortune overtook the Air Channels. Forced to hold themselves against the others, the Fire Courts and the Water Councils fought the wrath of Azoterra and Algor, laying waste to the Lands no longer fit for Beast or Being.   The Human Kingdoms, lost to their fear and paranoia, shut themselves in, disallowing any of the Peoples of Magicks within their borders and giving themselves over the Blight of Misfortune.


Tempkinhand, the Lands of the Trees and Knowledge

The only Kingdom to survive the Fall of Falsaga bore the name, “The Kingdom of the Trees,” and held those who gave themselves over the Lands and Trees themselves. Seeking refuge from the Chaos that was unfolding on Falsaga, the Kingdom of the Trees, along with two Immortal Families, gave themselves over the Lands and Islands of Tempkinhand, a place that was left to the Trees and Life of Azoterra.   Giving the Lands the Immortal, Elaine Thompson, as their Antrium, the Kingdom of the Trees fled into the uncharted and wild Lands, holding submissive cohabitation with the Trees. There they thrived, keeping the Blight of Falsaga from Tempkinhand’s shore and closing the Lands to any and all who would think to bring about Misfortune upon the Trees.


Bilara, the Drowned Gateway

Once holding a Port of its own, Bilara is the remnants of the Lifted Rift, the Monument that gave Falsaga unto the Galaxy Gateway. Refusing to allow the Chaos of the Vessel to infect the Gateway, the Worldfarers purged the path into the Galaxies , disallowing the Blight of Misfortune to taint anything more.   Now connected to the Ports of Tempkinhand and opened once more, Bilara holds drifting plains where Ships and Sailors may wander and wonder into the Galaxies again.



❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ The Door

The Falsagan Door into the Libraries has been given over the Kingdom of Tempkinhand, and nothing sways the entry of Wanderers, save the soft protection of the Trees. Holding itself between the Libraries of Tempkinhand and the soft Whispers of the Void, the Falsagan Door is given form through the gentle thoughts of desire and need. Holding the will of the Trees, Tempkinhand has been given more manipulation and power over the Falsagan Door, many times only appearing within Tempkin Castle, and normally only used by the Royal Family of the Anderson Immortals and their intimate relations.




❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Muse's Notes

One of the Worlds that hold solid Connections with the Libraries, Falsaga is a much better atmosphere than Navamora. Though, it still holds the Blight of Misfortune; the supercontinent is dying, and I know that the Librarian is holding herself to the thoughts that one day, it might not last.

But, one of the good things about Falsaga, is that they have Tempkinhand. Brimming with Life and Balance, the Country is ensuring the soft survival of the World as a whole. And it helps that Tempkinhand houses a whole Family of Immortals. I have read that the Immortal Lines hold the influence to give blessings unto the Worlds they inhabit.

So not all is lost for Falsaga, and even I can notice the shift that is coming from the Whispers of the Void.

Falsaga is shifting; Tempkinhand is growing. The Librarian has said that Beings of another Author have fallen into the gentle flow of the Storyverse, and with their presence, Balance of a different kind. To be able to lay witness to these Beasts and Beings bringing forth Knowledge and potential is kind of amazing.

Though I do wonder about the Creations of another Author. Ebby is more than quiet on the subject, and the Whispers have never given Knowledge freely. I guess I will have to figure out things on my own; if they are here within the Storyverse, then their Existences shall burn into the Libraries, just as everything else does.


Cover image: by Peter Herrmann


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