Session 4: Deeper into the Goblin’s Hole Report

General Summary

  • investigated the Night's Nesting (Minor Event)
  • discovered a sacred altar beneath the temple (Minor Milestone)
  • messed with the alter and erased a chalk line that was drawn on the alter.
  • learn from an acolyte that the alter is what separates the material plane and the demiplane that is the battlefield of the gods. The only thing keeping the planes separated is a single chalk line drawn by two Master Corvus’ ago. Additionally, Master Corvus was kidnapped by “The Angel” that attacked the Nest. Additionally, the black box of ritualistic relics used by The Night Mother's Unkindness is missing from Master Corvus’ office. The party believes they have found the key to this box stashed behind a picture in Master Corvus’ office. (Event)
  • party freaks out over the altar and tries to go deactivate the alter. They deactivate by simply redrawing the line with regular chalk. (Event)
  • they head back to the goblin dungeon to help Cursius Isim
  • they meet the goblin boss and he appreciates them for dispatching The Fisher (Event)
  • tells them the wizard (if he is still alive) is all theirs if they take care of the 3 basilisks on the third layer of the dungeon
  • Conquered a fungi trap after Philip had a brief moment of being a transformation in a mushroom man. (Minor Event)
  • party kills 1/3 of the basilisks
  •   Narrative Experience for the session: 1,000
    Dastrow's Shining
    Poppy "Pops" McGee
    Phillipitrous Jest
    Margie Williams
    Jimmy Cariway
    Report Date
    13 Apr 2022


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