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Session 3: The Goblin’s Deep Hole Report

General Summary

  • party heads to goblin dungeon to understand whereabouts of Cursius Isim
  • Fought a few Golbins
  • Faced and killed a Fisher (Minor Event)
  • Has to retreat back to town after Phillipitrous Jest get a debilitating leg injury
  • get blocked from entering into Baldur's Gate as a beam of light stretches to the sky new Night's Nesting
  • Once light retracts back into the sky, the party is allowed to enter into the city.
  • they take Phillip to Harborside Hospital where he receives 30 pills on Troll Semen to heal his leg. He is told explicitly to take all the pills and to not miss a day. (Event)
  • they head to Night's Nesting to find a genocide. The mass of individuals outside of night’s nesting have been killed
  • found Rondle Ploye pinned to the wall above the alter by a golden sword. (Minor Milestone)
  • Narrative Experience for the session: 690
    Dastrow's Shining
    Poppy "Pops" McGee
    Phillipitrous Jest
    Margie Williams
    Jimmy Cariway
    Report Date
    13 Apr 2022
    Secondary Location
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