Session 2: All Along the Watchtower Report

General Summary

  • The party went to Kuble's Gems and Gem Cutting and acquired a Kuble’s Capturing Crystal and Kuble’s Impressive Business Card (Minor Event)
  • In line to Kuble's Gems and Gem Cutting , the party met Borus Bormul. Bormul is a wealthy resident of the Manorborn District that invited them to dinner (tomorrow at 5). This invitation was extended because of Margie Williams’s connection to Declan Harrison. (Event)
  • Went to Ramazith's Tower to meet Andrew Isim who is the nephew of the wizard Cursius Isim and accepted a quest to go and find what happened to the wizard in a goblin cavern to the north of Baldur's Gate (Event)
  • Broke a muggers knees in Lower City. Then got the attention of a Flaming Fist rep. The rep ask that the adventured meet them at the office directly west of High Hall to see if they are interested in a quest regarding the flow of armament that Day's Calamity seems to be coordinating. (Event)
  • Started to delve into the goblin cavern to find the wizard Cursius Isim
  • Ultimately, the party is starting to doubt the trustworthiness of The Night Mother's Unkindness and are considering other paths to a solution for their problem.
  Narrative Experience for the Session: 440
Dastrow's Shining
Poppy "Pops" McGee
Phillipitrous Jest
Margie Williams
Jimmy Cariway
Report Date
29 Mar 2022
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