Session 1: A Distant Patron Report

General Summary

  • took the train to Baldur's Gate
  • on the train the following notable people were encountered: a lady that “appraises tapestries”, a blossoming wizard with a fiery temper studying to impress his uncle (who pays his tuition) in Baldur's Gate, and an older lady that smells like beets (Minor Event)
  • opened a bank account Counting House and got a Baldur’s Gate Charge Card (Minor Event)
  • Met Master Corvus Landia Pyn. She wasn’t particularly interested in getting involved until she learned about the possibility of The Dawn's Embrace forming a new Chosen and the fact that Blair Was subjected to a ritual of an unknown origin (Event)
  • Master Corvus Landia Pyn has asked for you to go collect: tail of a clorus, eye of a mantus, entire leg of a shining ogre From a dungeon called Calamity's Holding to the mountains south of Baldur's Gate
  • it was also mentioned the the Wizard in the tower in Baldur’s Gates had a predecessor who helped construct the dungeon mentions by master Corvus
  •   Narrative Experience for the session: 250
    Dastrow's Shining
    Poppy "Pops" McGee
    Phillipitrous Jest
    Margie Williams
    Jimmy Cariway
    Report Date
    23 Mar 2022
    Secondary Location


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