Insight Park

Insight Park is a public park in Baldur's Gate that was magically created in 1810. In addition to the green lawns and natural thickets, Insight Park featured a single unidentifiable tree, known as the Drawing Tree. When properly treated, and carefully removed by its caregiver, the tree's bark showed scenes of the future, depicted in sap that resembled blood.


In 1810, a shield dwarf druid named Torimesh arrived home in the city of Baldur's Gate after decades of adventuring abroad and purchased this small portion of the hillside. Too steep to build on, the area had long been an illegal junkyard, with locals standing atop a rocky promontory and dumping their refuse over the edge of the embankment. Instead of clearing the debris away, Torimesh used magic to nurture the local plants, causing a forest of green to grow up over the garbage, rusting away debris and creating soft lawns and thickets shot through with small recesses and tunnels where the old refuse had piled high. This revamped space he dedicated as a public park, arguing that the poor need to feel nature’s touch just as much as rich patriarchs with their manicured gardens. Torimesh himself lives in a tiny hut backed against the jutting outcropping still known as Dumper’s Rock. The main appeal of Insight Park is the Drawing Tree. Planted by Torimesh and grown to full-size in a matter of days, the tree is of a species no one can identify, and Torimesh steadfastly refuses to say anything about its origins, yet everyone knows its power. When properly entreated by Torimesh, the tree’s red bark cracks and curls like parchment. Pulling it carefully away reveals a prophetic scene rendered in bloody sap. These arboreal visions of the future are often cryptic, yet inevitably come to pass. As much as the city’s elite would love to harness this power, anyone else attempting to peel the tree’s bark or force a prophecy reveals only bark and sends Torimesh into a near-murderous rage. For his part, the druid refuses to work for money, peeling off prophecies only according to the unspoken whims of the tree, or in exchange for bizarre and dangerous favors.

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