Day's Calamity

Day's Calamity is generally agreed to be the root religion of the sects The Night Mother's Unkindness and The Dawn's Embrace. It is critical to state that members of The Night Mother's Unkindness and The Dawn's Embrace do not recognize the existence or organization of Day's Calamity. Although The Dawn's Embrace originally splintered from The Night Mother's Unkindness, members of these two religions now recognize them as wholly distinct and opposing organized religions birthed from a common root and origin. Yet, because of this common root of cosmology and history between the two religions, the majority of scholars and the general public have agreed to communicate the organizations of The Night Mother's Unkindness and The Dawn's Embrace as two opposing sects of a centralized religion called Day's Calamity. This decision of classifying these religions as sects was met to lessen the burden and improve the structure of recording and discussing the events taking place between these two sibling religions.

Cosmological Views

From the darkness of The Beginning, The Night Mother came into being. She knew that the universe can not be singular and that duality is required to balance the direction of time to allow it to move forward. So, The Mother created Dawn counter to her imagine to balance the darkness that The Mother breathes. Dawn’s loyalty to The Mother was undaunted. He listened diligently to The Mother for the coordination of balancing time across light and dark. The Mother and Dawn worked tirelessly to perfect the art of balance. At the moment perfection was achieved, time began to move forward. The Mother and Dawn rejoiced in this success through an embrace causing The Eclipse. It was The Eclipse of The Mother and Dawn that populated time with the universe including its planes, planets, and the magic that binds them.
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