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Kellium Ink

The Paint of Scribes

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    Kellium Ink - The Paint of Scribes has the magical property of words re-writing themselves if the Scribe or Sage who wrote them ever discovers what he wrote was untrue. This will happen regardless if the Scribe still has posession of the document or not.

    Kellium is a magical ink used by Scribes in the preparation of any written history or lore. Once applied to a parchment or scroll it cannot be removed or changed. For this reason, the ink is also commonly used for governmental documents and important contracts… if both parties believe they are being completely honest with each other.   The magical quality of the ink is that it will only allow words and stories to be written if the Scribe, or Sage writing them believes the tale be the truth at the time of writing. The written words then cannot be erased or modified using traditional methods, even by the Scribe himself.   If, however, the Scribe later finds what he or she penned was untrue, the words on the document will magically change to what they then believe to be the truth. The Scribe has no control of this change, and it happens with no conscious effort on their part.


      It is said by the Scribes and Sage who know of such things, the ink was named after Kellium, the mythical Fire Dragon who lived thousands of Seasons before the birth of the Race of Man. Kellium is rumored to come from the same egg as her more famous brother, Kalos, and is thought to be his ferternal twin.   Thusly, Kellium Ink is named after Kellium, the first Dragon created.

    Excerpt from "The First Dragon"

      By my love of The Other, Barak continued, his cocky attitude now gone, Kalos, I swear this is the Truth.”   Kalos, though consumed with grief from the loss of his sister, Kellium, and his unborn children, could not believe Barak, even though he was a God. The fire in his belly grew stronger. He knew that Siberlee, and the other Gods would take what Barak had said as the Truth, and he had no way to prove otherwise. With this epiphany, the burning in his innards became volcanic in intensity. He somehow knew what Barak was saying was untrue. But all would believe him. It was at that moment Kalos decided to discover a way that the Truth could always be known and proven, even if that proof were discovered at some future time.   The Dragon then thought of Kellium’s body back in his lair. He knew with time it would soon become nothing more than bones... and then the Truth may never become known. An idea then came to him. Some surmise it was The One who placed it in his mind. An Idea that would one day become what we now know as Kellium Ink.    
    Read: The Legend of The First Dragon

    Formation and Recipe

      Kellium Ink is primarily made from the ground bones of Fire Dragons mixed with the sap from the Manta tree as its main ingredients. This explains its rarity and high expense. It is known that the bone meal is mixed with the Manta sap, known for its know burning properties, and set ablaze until it becomes a fine ash. Depending on the proportions, and how long the mixture burns, determine the exact hue of the ink. This can range from an amber to a dark burnt brown, and in some cases, even midnight black.   The are other ingredients involed in the preparation, but the Scribes have kept the exact recipe and formation process a well-guarded secret

    Secret to Preparing Kellium Ink

    For use if your GM referenced this page when asking for an Alchemy Check

    Make a Lore Check Roll. You must make a 17 and you must answer the following lore question in character to your group correctly?

    "It is tricky, not unlike what must be done to Fire Dragon bones before they can be used to make Kellium Ink. To do that the bones must be... "

    Reward: You will automatically succeed in your Alchemy check. You will also receive the Trait Kellium's Truth (+2 to Intuition and +2 to Intellect) for the remainder of your current game session.

    Failure: You will automatically Fail in your Alchemy check. You will also received the Quirk Roadius' Folly (-2 to Intuition and -2 to Intellect) for the remainder of your current game session.

    Hint: Kellium was 'The First Dragon'
    . It is not revealed to even Scribes themselves until they have completed at least the first 10 seasons of their apprenticeship. Even then, it is a select few who are taught how to create the ink. As the demand is always high, select guilds such as The Tale support their guild and its causes by the highly profitable sale of Kellium Ink.


      For whatever alchemic, or mystical reason, Kellium Ink cannot be used by any other than Scribes who have completed their apprenticeship. If any other try to use the ink it loses its magical properties and works simply like any other ink. It will also turn a deep blood-red after one or two hours making it easy to identify. It is thought that this is because the ink is attuned to the specific Scribe who purchases it, and it will work for no other.


      As Kellium Ink has the indelible property of not being able to be changed or erased, it is highly sought after. Thus many have tried to make substitutes and pass it off as Kellium Ink. None have been successful. The closest is Benzor’s Paint, named after, Throdic Benzor, the alchemist who discovered it. Benzor’s Paint has many of the same properties as Kellium ink but can be used by anyone with the ability to write, not only Scribes. However, it will only work for one Moon. After this, the writing will also turn a dark blood-red color exposing the writing as a forgery. Even so, Benzor’s Paint is a popular item with Mernac’s confidence artists and various thieves guilds.
    © 1985-2021 Richard Merriman & The Legends of Mernac


    Seed: A Stranger in the Traddlebow Arms
    Story Type: Item - Growing Tree
    Written By: Rick Merriman
    Cover Art: Rick Merriman


    Item Type: Magical
    Classification: Writing Material
    Size: Very Small
    Rarity: Limited
    Cost: 20 GM per small pot
    Originated: Late 600s AM
    Created by: Kalos
    Used where: All Mernac
    Used by: Scribes
    Association: None

    The Danger to Scribes

      As anything written in Kellium Ink will change if the Scribe discovers what he has written is untrue, it has often become a great hazard to Scribes to use the ink. Many a Scribe who wrote a document that they were deceived into believing true; have been imprisoned, incapacitated, or worse.   These often dark and dismal fates are so they can never discover the actual truth about something they have previously written with Kellium Ink. This, of course, would magically re-write the documents... and provides a strong motive for murder to those wanting to keep a secret.   Besides being murdered or forcibly placed in secluded dungeons, this has created other dangers to Scribes - depriving them of their senses or sanity. The most notable example is Oscillis, Father Barak's Master Scribe. The Father of Darkness had Oscillis blinded so she may never see or discover the things he tells her are not the actual truth. For this reason most scholars of the Races of the Light regard most of Oscillis' writings with much suspicion.

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