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Personal History

The moment Faith was born her father had cursed her with the name "Io”, which translated from his Abyssal tongue into Common meant “lowly” or “lesser”. An instant was all he needed to realize that the pitiful infant he saw did not possess any magical talent and that the creatures’ mother, Ea, had failed to pass the gifts of her bloodline onto the child. Both mother and daughter had failed him, and so he left to find new subjects who could be of more use to him in the future.   Io, as she was called at the time, was raised without ever meeting the beast responsible for her name; her mother would only tell her that he was a terrible, wrathful demon, and that she should never seek him out. She had always trusted her mother’s words intrinsically; however she was intelligent enough to understand the hurt and betrayal that sparked those words. Regardless, she would never go to meet her father. She had no need to either as she had her mother to protect her. To that end her mother had begun by calling her daughter “Faith”, believing that one day life would get better for the both of them.   Near the Faith turned 7 years of age, her mother received a strange leather-bound missive covered in abyssal markings. Upon reading the parcels contents, she gathered what little the two had owned and explained to her daughter that they had to leave their home behind. Faith never learned what this message was, but it clearly frightened her mother which in turn frightened her. The two eventually ran out of food, having spent weeks on the run. Her mother decided to stop at a nearby human settlement to pilfer more supplies for their long voyage. Fate happened to intervene at this moment however, and things would not go according to their plan. With no magic and accompanied by a cumbersome set of wings and a long tail, Faith had no means to hide or disguise herself in public. Her mother had instead chosen to keep her hidden in a hay bale near the village’s outskirts. After night had fallen, Faith had mistakenly assumed the sounds of activity near her hideout to be her mother’s return, but was instead a human night’s watchman who had gone far beyond his usual patrol. The guard was horrified by what he mistook to be an imp-like creature and immediately called for the guards. She was quickly apprehended, but was freed almost as immediately thanks to her mother’s magic which had struck the human dead. Faith didn’t wait, instinctively spreading her wings and flying but was then horrified to see the guards capture her mother only moments later. Being dragged and manacled by the rabble, her mother commanded Faith to flee with her life, which she would eventually do on the fear of death itself.   Faith faced the world alone for almost an entire decade of her life, spending her days sleeping on rooftops, abandoned alleyways or even caves during the winter months. Anywhere that was absent of prying eyes. Her nights were filled with scavenging the food and scrap material she needed to make a living; scrap which was provided to her by the same people who would persecute her merely because of her demonic appearance. On top of tieflings carrying with them a myriad of negative connotations in many places around the world, Faith’s particular bloodline had set her apart even further. Her dark blue skin was one such thing, as well as the bat-like wings which sprouted from her back. Gossip had begun to reach Faith’s ears. Murmurs and small talk of a devil or imp being spotted near Faith’s surroundings. It was around the time these rumours would start that Faith knew she would have to move once again, knowing full well the consequences of revealing herself to these so-called civilized people.   Her life of fear and flight did eventually come to an end after she came face-to-face with a peculiar elf, a traveling bard by the name of Calewin. On more than one occasion she had been caught sleeping on a rooftop. However, on only a handful of occasions had someone ever come off as “caring” about her wellbeing, and they usually weren’t being genuine. And yet somehow this elf had disarmed her initial reaction to simply fly away. He’d brought with him an amount of food and clothing that suggested he’d prepared for this meeting, which had her curious. For the first time since she’d last spoken with her mother, Faith exchanged words with someone who seemed as real as she was. She’d even taken the time to listen to the elf’s own story. It was from him that Faith learned of an organization known as the Templarate; people who took in castaways such as herself and paid special reverence to people with troubled backgrounds similar to her own. Despite being somewhat trusting of this stranger, it seemed too farfetched to her that a group existed anywhere in the world that could look past her heritage, let alone welcome her in open arms. Calewin went a step further and offered to come with her to meet his friends within the organization, and then used his magic to give her the illusory appearance of a simple human girl. To her surprise this gesture turned out to be entirely unnecessary. Just as the elf had promised, the Templarate did not mind her true self and had offered her not just a place among their membership, but a home as well.   The Templar Order provided Faith a life of service and respect, and she was quickly accepted by her fellow initiates. In time she would learn of the organization’s values and would be given the opportunity to serve them in her own way. She studied hard and learned how the Templar utilized magic-infused spirit stones to overcome ineptitude with spellcasting. She was fixated by these devices as they granted her abilities similar to her mother, and found she had a knack for using them to infuse magic into tools and weapons. Eventually she was offered a position as a guild craftsman, using her newly discovered talents to aid the order in whatever way she could. In the years to come, she went on to become a recruiter, finding those in similar situations to her own, offering them a helping hand, just as Calewin had done for her.  

The Underdark

In 4 short years, Faith had slowly worked on her skills as an initiate, moving up the ranks and developing her skills as a student of magic and engineer. She was a savant in the field of tinkering and gunsmithing, and was quickly recognized by her peers as "the blue girl with the really big gun," and was the go-to person should you ever need weird and radical improvements to your old and boring equipment. As her talents began to become more recognized within the order, the Templarate made the decision to grant her the chance to test her skills in the field.   A problem was fast arising in a distant land, in the far away continent of Latria. Groups of adventurers were disappearing, and alongside those missing were the templars who had gone to investigate this situation. Faith accepted the quest and began a journey to learn more about these strange disappearance and to find out what happened to the lost templars. Traveling alongside a group of capable fighters, her team investigated the claims made by the locals about the missing adventurers. Faith saw first hand who was responsible for this mystery, as her party was attacked and captured by a band of raiding dark elves. Faith lost contact with her group, and quickly found herself deep within the Underdark at the mercy of the Drow. They kept her in a cell alongside other prisoners, located a slave labour camp at an undisclosed location.   After a few weeks, it was assumed the same fate had befell her as the other templars, but Faith had eventually escaped and told the order about what had happened. As she explained, she was able to help inspire a prison break amongst the other prisoners, making allies with a number of strange creatures found within the Underdark who eventually lead her to the surface. Although she was unable to save those who had gone missing before her, she was able to confirm their deaths and had brought with her a new group of hopefuls who'd escaped with her.  

The Battle for Matlunn

Faith was within Matlunn when Acererak's minions unleashed their plan to destroy the city. At this time Faith had been working on an assignment given to her by the order to assist Doktor Tarvin Aurelia with his personal work. This made her a part of a team investigating cult activity within Matlunn which uncovered a series of hidden tunnels and passageways under the king's royal palace. Faith by sheer chance was able to find and reunite with her mother, who had been locked within a prison cell in a secret location under the city for reasons which are still unclear. Her mother appeared to be well aware of the situation within the city and warned Faith's team of a ritual that was being conducted to resurrect Acererak. They made the decision to fight against the minion's of Acererak in order to stop his resurrection but ultimately failed in preventing its completion. In the ensuing battle many were injured by the breath attack of a massive dracolich which had been summoned to aid the lich. Necrotic infection spread from their wounds which forced Faith to amputate her mother's arm in order to save her life. Before the lich could escape from Matlunn, Faith struck a final blow which destroyed the lich's body, however Acererak's phylactery was able to escape. With his body's destruction the minion's of Acererak halted their attack against Matlunn, giving the defenders a chance to take back the city.

Mental characteristics


Faith is a member of the Heirophant Templar Order with the rank of Herald.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Inventor & Gunsmith

Faith has invented a number of tools and weapons, many which she uses in her personal equipment and others which she has provided to the Templars.
  • The Rune-scribed Barrel - A specialized gun barrel inscribed with runes which allow it to siphon power from a Templar's Spirit Stone.
  • The Peacekeeper Rifle - A massive 6 barreled rifle complete with over sized bayonet that Faith uses as her primary weapon, capable of storing and firing magic.
  • The Oathsworn Sword - A modular pistol with a bladed sword attachment, extended stock grip and completed with an optical zooming scope.
  • Magiplate - A newly developed form of magical technology which functions similar to false limbs given to soldiers who have lost an arm or a leg during their service. Magiplate links to its users' nerves via the body’s magical pathways, allowing for a full range of motion and animation unlike any other form of prosthesis.

Intellectual Characteristics

Faith spent a good portion of her life avoiding contact with other humanoids. Her time alone had made her bitter and mistrusting of others; something which she spent years struggling to overcome. She still exhibits this flaw in the form of extreme shyness. She prefers to remain awkwardly quiet and overly polite instead of pushing herself to engage with others on a more personal level. Faith can also be incredibly naive, oftentimes seeing goodness in others where none exists, making her an easy target for those who would try to take advantage of her.

Morality & Philosophy


Faith is determined to make society a better place, having personal experiences with some of the worst the world can dish out. She believes everyone deserves a second chance and that, given time, all mortal races can prove themselves to be ultimately good. To that end Faith will always attempt to see the best in everyone, even her enemies, using violence only as a last resort.


Faith was named after the virtue her mother valued most. She has always tried to live up to this name, doing her best to stay positive even in the darkest of situations and believing in others when no one else will. She feels guilt when attempting to deceive others, and prefers to be as genuine as she can at all times.

Bright yellow-orange.
Short cut, Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Dark Blue
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Infernal, Abyssal.

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