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Sir Misgana A. Realsolus

A mixed skin and of aniosal descent, she grew up in Pordroim, a port located at the far-end of the "hoof" of the "horse leg island" also known as Cosech Island. Although her mixed features already stood out at the time, it'd be nothing compared to how she'd be looked at at the royal court. At the very least, even if she stood out, she had friends and her family to support her, at the court, she'd have no one but the queen's kindness.   She'd meet said queen as the royal family visited the port during a national tour. Thanks to a close friend, she had been hired as a temporary maid, to help with the festivities prepared for the arrival of the royal family. Queen Roselyne witnessed her being mistreated by other maids. The queen perceived this attitude as short-sightedness of the kings. A lack of punishment for this kind of behaviour is what encourages people to treat aniosals and mixed skins badly. Queen Roseylne not only decided to stop what happened, but also took her as a lady-in-waiting as a constant reminder of her position on the matter. Misgana remains staunchly loyal to the queen ever since. Even when she questions her queen's actions, like her drugging her husband on the nights when they need to perform their royal duty, she doesn't hesitate to follow her orders. She feels a lot of sympathy for her and feels that many people make her seem worse than she actually is. In her eyes, Queen Roselyne truly has what's best for her people at heart and makes the appropriate sacrifices for it, including in her marriage.   Queen Roselyne is aware of this loyalty and while she dislikes exploiting it, she at times feels as if she doesn't have any other choice. Other loyal servants of the queen have mixed feelings toward Misgana, partially wondering how genuine this displayed loyalty is. To them, she's either after the restoration of her family as nobility, or a spy of the sand skins. After all, a woman her age being widowed from a commoner no less, without ever remarrying or carrying a child is suspicious. Rumours will arise that she murdered her snow skin husband, although, his death was nothing more than an unfortunate accident; and them being childfree was a choice the couple had taken a single year after their marriage.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


a) Strenght: Good

b) Endurance: Very Good   Agility:

a) Flexibility: Above Average

b) Mobility: Good   Body shape:

a) Muscles: Athletic

b) Frame: J and Cello-shaped

Body Features

Some people have been preying on her specifically because of her mixed origins. She's perceived as exotic by some, add to this her generous curves, and she was approached by people who were more interested in her as a prize than as a person. Some even as far as attempted to exploit her status as an aniosal to make her believe she's lucky they're interested in her in the first place. Experience led her to recognize this behaviour and cut ties quickly. Even if they were to attempt to pursue her nonetheless, back on her island, she always had her friend, Berach, a local guard, to help her out.

Facial Features

She has the hair and eye-shape of her mother, and the skin, nose and lips of her father. Depending on who wants to invalidate her, people will use her snow or sand skin features as an argument.   She straightened and dyed her curly hair after becoming a lady-in-waiting. Queen Roselyne considered her hair beautiful but thought it'd stand even more out if she fixed them to suit the palace's fashion.

Apparel & Accessories

When she left home, she only took mediocre quality clothes with her to last two weeks, however, as soon as she arrived, her old clothes were discarded and she was given an appropriate garderobe for the lady-in-waiting of the queen.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She met her husband during the summer festival where she won a swimming competition. He was the one to give her the trophy and the two immediately felt mutually attracted. They spent a lot of time together afterwards and married seven months later. This relationship and marriage created a lot of tension with her friends and family as they questioned her choice to pursue a commoner. No matter how descent Nestor was as a person, he didn't have any skills allowing him to smoothen his low-ranking class. Even so, nobody really openly prevented the two to get together, and over the months learnt to be quieter about their opinion on the matter.   Only when Misgana seemed to not get pregnant did they start questioning the relationship again, and they learnt both that the couple had discovered Misgana was infertile and that they had subsequently decided to remain childfree.   He disappeared 4 years later as he and his brother went to work with their fishing boat. The destroyed boat was found, but not the two men. Nobody understood how it could have happened as the sea had been particularly calm that day and nobody witnessed the scene. It took 5 more years for Misgana to accept that her husband was most likely dead.


Sexuality: Heterosexual

Romanticality: Straight


Due to her family's limited wealth, they did what they could for her education. They mostly focused on what they deemed necessary for an adult to know.


As an aniosal, most nobles don't want to employ her most of the time. However, there are always events where the regular employees aren't enough. Under those circumstances, they are less bothered by checking the background of their temporary employees and it is how she occasionally found ways to work as a temporary maid or servant, often by being supported by minor nobles who confirmed her reliability. Misgana wondered what the future held for her for a long time, however, as she didn't have the artistic skills of her mother or the ties of her father. The queen erased any of her fears now, and she intends to die serving her.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She won a swimming competition during a summer festival celebrating the birth of the First King.

Failures & Embarrassments

She tried many years to learn how to carve ships, but her art is mediocre at best.

Intellectual Characteristics

Average is the only way to describe it.

Morality & Philosophy

She thinks only those who can afford it can have a morality, and similarly, only people with time and privilege have time for philosophy. Needless to say, it isn't something the majority of people can afford as they tend to be too busy making sure they are able to live a decent life.


Nuadutal not being her real home.

Personality Characteristics


Real: Help the queen in every way she expects her to and more.   Reincarnation: Find a way to resign as a lady-in-waiting without iring anyone, go back to Cosech Island where Misgana has people actually supporting her and lead a decent life there.

Savvies & Ineptitudes


  Swimming & Diving  


  Artistic skills & mental representation of objects

Likes & Dislikes


  Flowers: Although she prefers avoiding buying flowers, she enjoys their beauty and scent.  


  Crime stories: The world is horrible enough to not read stories about fictional crimes.

Virtues & Personality perks

-Loyalty -Indomitable will

Vices & Personality flaws

-Learnt to not interfere when someone is in trouble


She particularly likes soap, and perfumes, with a light flowery scent, not too strong as it'd be distracting.


Contacts & Relations

She remains in contact with her family and friends back on the Island through monthly letters. At the palace itself, aside the queen, there's no one she's close to. She prefers ignoring that most of the time, although she'd prefer having people she could rely on there as well.

Family Ties

She's close to her parents and siblings. Things are more complicated with her aunts and their side of their family as they fought with her mother when she was still an infant. She has tried to contact her cousins several times over the years, but always ignored her until she became the queen's lady-in-waiting. Part of her hesitated, but she ultimately decided to ignore their attempts to contact her as she fully understood they only were after her ties to the queen.   She has never met with her paternal family as they cut ties with her father when he decided to marry an aniosal.

Religious Views

She doesn't deny the existence of the Goddess, but she doubts she still has any care for the continent she created. After all, she never descended ever since the Golden Ages. For all they know, she has gone to other worlds to create new continents and children.

Social Aptitude

She tends to be tense around the nobility because of how they tend to treat her. She's more relaxed with the middle and low classes and while she rarely interacts with the under class, she does feel a form of pity for them. Although she isn't shy, she has learnt that it's better for her to stay in the background as to not attract attention. Her state as an aniosal and a mixed skin already attracts enough attention as is and since she cannot know how she will be treated beforehand and as such prefer observing people before trying to talk to them.


She's clunky at best. She does what she can to imitate others. Even after being taken by the queen and undergoing etiquette courses, she regularly misbehaves. She finds etiquette tiring, and often miss the simplicity of her life when she was back on the Island. However, she doesn't regret her decision to have accepted the queen's offer.

Hobbies & Pets


  She doesn't have any pets per se, however, there are many wild dogs and cats at the port that she learnt to know. They're social and always ready for some belly rub.   Reincarnation: Pet-Guardian: Lena  


  Fishing: She enjoys fishing alongside her father and two older siblings.


Hesitant when she talks with nobles, fluid the rest of the time. She simply thinks too much around nobles which makes her falsely appear as slow-minded.

Wealth & Financial state

Middle Class: Low Wealth (Realsolus Family)   Her mother is an aniosal and as such, had to find her own way to produce wealth. She followed the same step as her mother and fleshed out her carving skills. She specialized herself in carving boat pieces and while her state as an aniosal leads many nobles, even commobles and some merchants, to avoid her products, others are attracted to her art especially because they know the author will be a source of discussion.   Her father is a low-rank noble who had his own ship and travelled from country to country to form new commercial contracts for Caintal. When he arrived at Cosech Island, he decided to let a replacement piece for his ship to get carved and met her mother. By the time her work was done, the man decided to stay behind, letting his second in command take his place as captain. He remained a contact for Caintal, and does what he can to ensure that the commercial contracts he could secure would be pursued, although him marrying an aniosal led to many contracts getting revoked.
Loyal Neutral
Current Status
Lady-in-waiting of Queen Roselyne N.G. Clann
Current Location
Date of Birth
19 Nightmi 133 AF
Circumstances of Birth
Unexpected, but welcomed
Pordroim / Cosech Island
Current Residence
First Palace
clear blue with a hint of grey at the outer side
Real: White at the top and gradually getting into dark grey;

Dyed: snow white;


naturally dense curly that got straightened, reaching just under her shoulder-blades

Skin Tone/Pigmentation
nuamorroin skin (moderate brown skin)
60 kg
Known Languages
Her parents found it vital that she learns the main language of both cultures.   Anaish: Mother tongue

Nuadish: Very high

Samijecha: Very high


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