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Sir Cyra F. Rionmatair

Abandoned at birth, she ran away from the orphanage at the age of 10, tired of being exploited as free labour. She survived on the streets until she was able to sneak it with a passing travelling caravan, guarded by the Pathguards, a mercenary group. She was found out by the right hand of the leader of the Pathguards who decided to train her. He considered that the younger children get trained, the better mercenaries they become and he intended to prove it with her. She was only 11.   At the age of 16, the man who had never pretended to be anything else than a mentor got murdered by her hands as he tried to celebrate her adulthood through rape. She would have been murdered by the other Pathguardians had the man who had been hiring the mercenaries at the time not intervened. The man, a rich fadiosan, proposed to adopt her to make her his heir. She was free to refuse (and deal with the Pathguardians). Needless to say, she felt forced to accept. As the Pathguards wouldn't risk losing their reputation and any potential contracts, they let her be, and while she isn't interested to become a merchant or mediator, she currently has no other choice than to follow whatever her "father" wants her to do.   His point is only to have a heir, for whether once he's gone or if somehow the king gets overthrown and the country becomes a queendom again. As long as Cyra fulfills her duty, she's allowed to do whatever she wants.   The fact she's a sand skin makes her hated among the rest of the Rionmatair family who takes that as an insult.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


a) Strenght: Very Good

b) Endurance: Very Good


a) Flexibility: Above Average

b) Mobility: Good

  Body shape:

a) Muscles: Athletic-Muscular

b) Frame: B and Goblet-shaped

Body Features

They got several scars throughout the years from wounds that weren't magically healed. Her "father" warned her she'll have to heal them once she takes his place as it'd attract unnecessary attention and questions.

Apparel & Accessories

She's used to masculine, practical clothes and dislikes uncomfortable, feminine, expensive clothes. Although she's learnt to enjoy some aspects of feminine clothes, and as such, she mixes her usually masculine attire with new feminine pieces.

Specialized Equipment

She has a dagger hidden in each of her boots at every moment, just in case she needs to quickly kill someone.   She still has her axe from her mercenary days, but it has been hanging on the wall opposite of her bed for the last 4 years.

Mental characteristics


Sexuality: homosexual

Romanticality: Real: biromantic; Reincarnation: lesbian


She didn't get educated at the orphanage, she just needed to know how to sew so the orphanage could sell low-cost clothes to people assuming the money used to buy the clothes would help the orphans. As a mercenary, she was taught how to fight as well as the necessary survival skills when living outside. It is only as she was adopted by the fadiosan that she started learning how to read and write, and more complex numeracy. She has no idea if she will ever be able to catch up, and how that man thinks he'll be able to make her a proper heir in any shape or form.






Accomplishments & Achievements

She has picked up on reading faster than expected, as she found it'd be useful to keep an eye on the Pathguardians and other mercenary groups. Although a mercenary group hiring another group would ruin one's reputation if it ever came out, it wasn't exactly unheard of.

Failures & Embarrassments

Writing is particularly hard for her. Her letters are messy and ugly and most of the time hard to read, even after 4 years.

Mental Trauma

She never stopped wondering why her mother abandoned her. This led her to grow without ever trusting anyone. If someone cannot trust their own birthmother, why should they trust anyone? People only ever help others to gain something themselves, and it isn't her adoptive father, or her life as a mercenary before that, that ever proved her wrong.

Intellectual Characteristics

She isn't gifted enough to catch up at a fast pace.

Morality & Philosophy

You can only count on yourself, you should only care for yourself, you should secure your own happiness and survival.


Sewing: She cannot withstand it anymore.

Personality Characteristics


Keep low profile and not attract the Pathguardians' attention.

Savvies & Ineptitudes


  Sewing: Although she hasn't used that skill in years.

Survival skills: Hunting, skinning, cooking, herbalism, footprint identification, light sleep

Axe fighting & archery  


  Artistic skills: Her "father" wanted to use potential artistic skills to integrate her in his social sphere more efficiently.

Likes & Dislikes


  Snow & Ice  


  Heat & Sand

Virtues & Personality perks



-Good at adapting

Vices & Personality flaws

-Rigid way of thinking

-Incapable of trusting anyone

-Lack of social skills


Perfume stinks and she has no idea why her "father" enjoys bathing with them so much. A bath should be about staying hygienic and nothing else.


Contacts & Relations

She wasn't close to anyone in her mercenary group in particular. Her mentor always discouraged anyone from approaching her, which made her perceived as a nasty, precious, privileged princess. Once adopted, the living standards of people around her are so vastly different that she feels disconnected. The only friends she had were during her years at the orphanage and she vaguely remembers getting betrayed for it not long before she ran away.

Family Ties

She has no idea who her parents are and doesn't feel connected in any shape or form to her adoptive father.

Religious Views

She finds the idea of Ilasbandia existing absurd. The existence of magic doesn't prove the existence of some invisible "divine being". That she uses the Goddess' name so casually is ill-perceived.

Social Aptitude

She has no proper sense of mannerisms and her etiquette is awful at best.


All she knows is that when you're around clients, you keep shut, fade in the background and don't even attempt to communicate with them. She's perceived as pedantic because of her attitude.

Hobbies & Pets


  She never had any pets, nor does she see the appeal.   Reincarnation: Pet-Guardian: Zilou  




Filled with mistakes due to a lack of education.


Sir Cyra F. Rionmatair

2nd cousin by adoption

Towards King Dorian R. Illean


King Dorian R. Illean

2nd cousin by adoption

Towards Sir Cyra F. Rionmatair


Wealth & Financial state

Middle Class: Good Wealth (Glen F.C. Rionmatair)
Survival Neutral
Current Status
Learning all the facts and skills required to be her adoptive father's heir
Current Location
Date of Birth
34 Falltosumi 142 AF
Circumstances of Birth
Abandoned at birth at an orphanage
Crevasse Town / Nemeintal
Parents (Adopting)
Current Residence
forest green
muted red with golden strands, loosely attached in a low ponytail with a light yellowish ribbon whose ends stick out on both sides sharply
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
southern skin (olive skin)
74 kg
Known Languages
Her adoptive father doesn't even bother attempting to teach her other languages. It's a luxury he'll only consider once she's caught up with everything else.   Anaish: mother tongue


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