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Priage Leif N.M.P. Astir

Archpriest Leif N.P. Astir, Great Mage Leif N.M.P. Astir (a.k.a. [Born] Lord Gabriel N. Ciunassil)

In 150 AF, as a 10-year-old child, he got adopted by his maternal grandmother, the Great Mage Marinne N.M. Ciunassil, back in Dairtal, to become the heir of the Astir Family. Although he initially felt no attachment to that side of his family, as he had never even met them prior to that event, over the years, he became wholly estranged from his birth family, and completely identified with his Astir identity. However, that didn't mean he ever felt close to the Astir Family itself. His grandmother only saw him as a way not to have her properties fall into the hands of other branches of the family, and his maternal uncles, aunts and cousins took his adoption as an insult as it robbed them of the properties they were patiently waiting to acquire following Cesilie's eventual death. It didn't help that Leif inherited far more of his father's genes than his mother's. He himself, however, learned not to care, and doesn't consider himself any less of an Astir because of it.   Like his siblings and parents, Leif was a prodigy in both kinds of magic. Like his father before him, he also refused to choose and decided to pursue both paths. That eventually led him to be invited by his father to join the Enlightened Council. The relationship between the father and son would be rough, at first, especially since Leif had no intention to move back to Ilutal or use his birth name. However, they'd eventually be able to find equal footing in their devotion for the Goddess and their belief in the Enlightened Council's principles. Emile N.M.P. Ciunassil, his father and leader of the Council, would eventually task him to convince the King of Dairtal to either allow the extension of the Enlightened Council in his country, or create his own version of it. Leif will take the occasion to prove to the rest of the Council that he wasn't invited solely because he is the biological son of the leader.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


a) Strenght: Normal

b) Endurance: Normal   Agility:

a) Flexibility: Normal

b) Mobility: Normal   Body shape:

a) Muscles: Normal

b) Frame: Bell-shaped

Identifying Characteristics

His heterochromatic eyes make him hard to miss or forget. There are a lot of stories surrounding them and how they symbolize his ties to both the Astir and the Ciunassil families. He himself agrees the Goddess must have had a reason to gift him with those, and as he became a member of the Enlightened Council, he became convinced it was to be allowed to exploit his biological ties to his father, despite his lack of attachment to said man.

Special abilities

High Magic

  Rank: Archpriest   Incantation Time: Exceptional   Specialist: Detection Magic   Master: Temperature Magic, Healing Magic   High Proficiency: Alteration Magic  

Low Magic

  Rank: Great Mage   Vital Energy: Exceptional   Specialist: Water Magic   Master: Air Magic, Weather Magic   High Proficiency: Ice Magic  

Life Expectancy

  Although he's aware he'll most probably die younger than most due to his dual magic, he feels no distress over it. His only concern is whether or not he'll die before the Enlightened Council spread across the continent.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He never talked to anyone about his trauma, he learnt to keep everything inside and to only rely on himself and the Goddess.


Sexuality: bisexual

Romanticality: biromantic


His grandmother decided to "fix" his Ilutalian education by giving him an intensive Dairtalan education, not allowing him to have any leisure time unless she was personally satisfied with his progress. If the situation was never easy, Leif eventually got used to it and used the opportunity to surpass her expectations, not for her, but for himself. She wanted to use this as a way to constantly rub in how he wasn't good enough as a heir, he would never let her have that satisfaction.


He has worked for more important noble families. It would either consist of helping them to understand a text written in Nuadish, or recommend them a specific list of text based on their queries. He also has occasionally worked as a preceptor. All those things became secondary activities once he became a member of the Enlightened Council, however.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His knowledge of Nuadutalian literature and Nuadish linguistics are exceptional. He's perceived as a living encyclopedia on those subjects. For scholars specialising in those topics, that he doesn't devote himself to becoming a scholar is unthinkable. His ego is flattered, but not enough to alter his current goals.

Failures & Embarrassments

His grandmother insisted that he trains under a weapon master, however, for all his intellectual skills, Leif is incapable of replicating what he's taught despite understanding the theory. His body simply doesn't seem to be capable of coordinating itself properly. As such, each lesson was a humiliation.

Mental Trauma

He was nothing but a child when he was sent away from his family to be adopted by a his cold and strict maternal grandmother. This event made him feel rejected, and his grandmother's disappointment in his looks, sex and gender never elevated that feeling. If that betrayal wasn't enough, he was ripped of his identity, given a new one, and his new family made it clear from the beginning they'd never accept him. If Leif mental and emotional state improved, it didn't erase his traumatic childhood, and is his core motivation to seek comfort in the hands of the Goddess.

Intellectual Characteristics

He's highly skilled in acquiring new knowledge and applying what he's taught. He was praised for his memory retention capacity from a young age and many of his preceptors wished he had chosen the path of a scholar instead. Leif himself already decided that he would become one:   a) Once the concept of the Enlightened Council was adopted by every country   OR   b) Once he's too old to be able to travel around the continent

Morality & Philosophy

People shouldn't have morality or philosophy, all that matters is the words of the Goddess. And as the Northern Godteach is the oldest one, he considers it as the only valid institution.


Him not being a real Astir. Him looking/being like his father.

Personality Characteristics


Improve the archaic system of the separation between the mages and the priestesses. Both should work together, not against each other or ignore each other.

Savvies & Ineptitudes


  He knows how to read the mood of a room.  


  He doesn't have any sense of rhythm. He can't play musical instruments and can't dance.

Likes & Dislikes


  Public tournaments: Although he himself isn't interested in weapon arts, he finds the tournaments an entertaining sight.  


  Alcohol & Drugs: They inhibit one's senses, which is the last thing he needs. Moreover, people might exploit his weakened state to obtain promises or signatures he wouldn't have otherwise given.

Virtues & Personality perks

Agreeable: Although nobody could call themselves close or a friend of his, everyone would agree he is agreeable. He has a way of avoiding strangers turning on him in his face. The people who do either know him better, or prefer talking or plotting behind his back.   Observant: He often stays silent in a corner just to observe the room around him.

Vices & Personality flaws

Trust issues: He's incapable of trusting or relying on others. Some people might be gifted by the Goddess enough to afford trust and reliance, it isn't his case.   Control-seeking: While he doesn't qualify as a "control freak", he does prefer remaining in control.


He doesn't exactly like perfume baths, but depending on whom he has to interact with, he sometimes take one. He considers that being pleasant to your interlocutor is a simple way to improve the likeliness of them agreeing or siding with you.


Contacts & Relations

Just because he doesn't have anyone he'd call a friend doesn't mean he doesn't have worthy contacts among scholars, nobles, priestesses, mages or merchants. They wouldn't support him no matter what, however, as long as something is mutually beneficial, they will support him. Although most are located in Dairtal, and then Ilutal, he also has some contacts spread out throughout the rest of the continent. Among the eastern countries, however, only in Nemeintal does he have any kind of supporters. King Yann R. Bronach of Dairtal, is aware of all of this and is cautious of Leif specifically for this reason. Well, that and his blind devotion to the Goddess that the king dislikes.

Family Ties

He feels disconnected from his biological family and distant from his adoptive family. He vaguely remembers loving his parents, and his younger sister being like his best friend at the time, however, they're only familiar stranger now. His younger biological brother, who would only be born three years later, however, is a complete stranger. He rationally knows they're related, but unlike the others, there isn't a tingle of familiarity associated with him.   He vaguely remembers Gilbert Iridire, a 2nd cousin of his, but he had seemed so old at the time with their 6 years difference they had never been close. Moreover, he is unsure if he saw him more than twice throughout his childhood when his father, Richard Iridire, came to visit to talk with his own father. He met the new Grandmaster, and allegedly second son of Richard Iridere, Florian Iridire, only once as he accompanied the new king of Ilutal to the Enlightened Council. The man seemed to particularly dislike the Council, so Leif doesn't see any point to nurture his ties to the Iridire family. Unless he starts becoming a threat to the establishment of the Enlightened Council in Ilutal.

Religious Views

A strong devout that believes his actions are done according to the will of the Goddess. He also regards the sand skin's Goddess as manufactured, and doesn't believe in the existence of the rumoured unknown magic sand skins displayed during the Colonial Era or that the archipelago inhabitants of the west seem to possess. He thinks it's nothing but rewrites and lies to hide people's incompetence. On the other hand, he does strongly believe in the existence of the cursed condition.

Social Aptitude

He has learnt the etiquette and mannerisms of Dairtal, Nuadutal and Ilutal to a T. His implacable behaviour alone makes him quite likeable in the eyes of many. He considers he should expand his knowledge to other countries, in case he would ever be sent anywhere else.   While he isn't extroverted, he nonetheless has a calming confidence.

Hobbies & Pets


  When he was still Gabriel, he had a dog, that stopped when he moved to live with his grandmother as Leif. She found pets to be a distraction. As he grew up, he simply lost interest in having pets as he was too busy with his social affairs.   Reincarnation: Pet-Guardian: Lilou  


  Sketching: He's not much of an outside person, he prefers sketching building's interior as he finds that decoration can tell interesting stories.


Adapted to his public. He particularly likes to impress his audience by using dead languages.


Priage Leif N.M.P. Astir

2nd cousin

Towards Grandmaster Florian N.G.K. Iridire


Grandmaster Florian N.G.K. Iridire

2nd cousin

Towards Priage Leif N.M.P. Astir


Wealth & Financial state

High Class: Medium Wealth (Astir Family)
Devout Good
Current Status
On a mission to convince the King of Dairtal of the necessity of creating its own Enlightened Council
Honorary & Occupational Titles
As his title as a Ciunassil was revoked, he wouldn't get any of his biological parents' properties even if he was the only remaining person alive to share their blood.
Date of Birth
29 Sunmi 140 AF
Circumstances of Birth
Loved, wanted and cherished
Ciunassil Mansion / Ilutal
Parents (Adopting)
Current Residence
Astir Mansion
Mostly masculine with soft feminine touches
heterochromatic: right: red; left: mauve
Colour: wild orchid pink;

Lenght: strands pointing outward, neck-long

Skin Tone/Pigmentation
middle skin (white skin)
67 kg
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
His grandmother never cared about Nuadish, he, however, considered that the knowledge of the original Divine Language was key in understanding the Goddess. What she did consider important was that he learnt Dairish and Taltish, the "real" languages of the country, as well as Morrish and Brigish in honour of the nearest Royaldoms. Leif only recently started to learn Ibadca and Govinese. He hopes that acquiring those languages would be appreciated by the two domains if he ever were sent to convince those domains to create Enlightened Councils as well.   Anaish: mother tongue   Nuadish: excellent   Dairish: very high

Taltish: very high

Morrish: high   Brigish: high   Iluese: very good   Ibadca: basic   Govinese: basic


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