Unlike the "cursed" condition, there's physical evidence of the "carved" condition. The Goddess herself is the one carving each child before their birth.

Transmission & Vectors

It is a genetic condition; the majority of offsprings will be carved, but not all.   If one comes from an uncarved family, the birth of a carved child signals the start of a carved bloodline. It typically takes a few generations to recognize a family has been carved, however.


A carved family is a signal. Whether it is a positive or a negative one varies from family to family as well as the perception of said family.   For example, the Riegan bloodline was considered carved to signal they were representatives of the Goddess. Once their reputation started to waver, their condition was perceived as a signal they're enemies to defeat.   Another example are the Samrad bloodline. Since the beginning, they were perceived to be carved to signal their traitorous nature. On the other hand, the Illean bloodline has always been perceived to be carved to signal their nobility.   The most peculiar situation, however, is Nuadutal's nobility as many families display the exact same carving. According to their culture, it signals that they are the actual descendants of the Goddess. It seems plausible as many among them are hallowed as well. Some scholars, however, perceive this on a more pragmatic level: they're the oldest bloodline on the continent, and incestuous marriages are a common practice.


A carved bloodline is recognisable by its unique hair-eye colour combinations. For example, if other people can have the Riegan imperial red eyes, it is impossible for other people to have imperial red eyes and jet black hair at the same time.


There is no way to get uncarved. You can only be born non-carved. Or have a carved bloodline die out.

Affected Groups

Only royals, nobles, aniosals and fadiosans are carvable.   There are debates surrounding the Nuamorroin Goddess and whether or not she can carve her own creations as well.


It is impossible to prevent, and if anything else, most families would want to have their descendants to be carved. The only people who would wish to avoid it are those who wished their monstrous side wasn't signaled to the rest of the world.


Old Ages:
  The first carved family that was ever recorded was the Dragan family, in the then Queendom of Nuadutal. As pointed out earlier, however, over the centuries, all the major noble families of Nuadutal started sharing the same carving.   The Riegan family was allegedly the second oldest carved family. However, unlike Nuadutal, its carving didn't spread out throughout the Queendom of Ananntal.   The Illean family has allegedly been carved since the foundation of Ilutal. It is particularly notable as Ilutal is the only country who has had a single dynasty since its foundation.  
Classic Ages:
  The Gealan family started getting carved with the Imperial Hero.   The Colfairt family was carved a single generation before the Fall, however, since they became aniosals, it is unknown if any members of this family have survived. Although rumours and stories remain strong about this fallen family.   The Samrad family first carved members were the First Monarch of the Royaldom of Oengustal and her twin brother, who betrayed the last Riegan Empress.   Similarly, the Banrion family only started being carved with the First King of the Kingdom of Ibadcathal.  
Modern Ages:
  The Iros family is the most recently recorded carved family.

Cultural Reception

Being non-carved in a carved family is a blessing if the family is ill-perceived, a disaster if the family is well-perceived. Some cases are more mixed, like the Banrion family which is both well and ill-perceived due to the controversal members of its bloodline.
Chronic, Congenital


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