Few among the experts in Albathania or Balkehir would argue that we are not home to the greatest magicians of our time. If not in home grown talent, than by the effective education of those abroad.
— Zueh Lusada
Vilaen is one of the four Laslin Cities in the Finuhit Ocean, and is located the furthest to the west. It is additionally the furthest from the World's Edge at a distance of 9 kilometres. Renowned for its many snaking canals and its expertise in magic, Vilaen is a frequent destination for mages and tourists alike.


The city consists of several large slabs of limestone and concrete, held above sea level by the massive Laslin Pillars in the old quarter, and by pillars of metal-reinforced concrete in more recently constructed areas. The many slabs are separated by a warren of canals, with the largest and most well known being the Cadou Canal that bisects the city east and west.   Due to the floor size constraints, many buildings in Vilaen are several storeys high, though they rarely connect through skybridges like in fellow-Laslin City Stadeben. Wood is the primary construction material, with stone being more common in first floors and in the industrial areas around the larger canals.


Vilaen's date of construction is unknown. It is assumed to far predate any existing written record, as these records strongly imply that its status as a large intellectual city was firmly established. The listed boundaries of the city in those records also contain sections not supported by the older Laslin Pillars, suggesting there had been many years of expansions and renovations since its initial construction.   The city has seen a great deal of expansion over the years, though not without significant setbacks. Most notably in 2412 the majority of Vilaen caught fire following an accident during a king's celebration, leading to nearly a century of repair and renovation work. This incident lingered in the memory of many residents, inspiring a later revolt against the king in 2542 that would lead to his abdication and the establishment of the Vilaen Council in 2560.   Slowly the city saw improvement, though internal struggles over how the city ought to be governed prevented any real involvement in assisting refugees from Gotri in 2635, or in participating in the subsequent Gotrian Civil War. Vilaen laid its focus squarely inward, eventually seeing the construction of the first bridge across the wide Cadou Canal, and the development of its magical research culture into one that would be the envy of the known world.


Vilaen is governed nominally by the monarch of Vilaen, currently Tinerias Aldercrown. In practice, he is bound constitutionally by the titular Council, who are empowered to make laws and enforce them. This council is democratically elected, though a number of seats are reserved for 'figures of import' to hold in perpetuity, such as various nobles and notable citizens. At present, the for-life positions outnumber those of the elected members, though unenforced attendance often means this isn't true in practice.
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While Vilaen presents itself as the master of all magical disciplines, the city nevertheless has its specialties. Arcane magic is by far the most commonly practised and studied, with various institutions focusing on schools within that tradition.   Of all the schools regardless of tradition, necromancy is the least studied, owing to long-held superstitions by the academics in the city. Some have tried to break these beliefs in recent years, creating a growing movement of practitioners.
There are few places in the world equipped to handle such a delicate and perhaps dangerous object, and this city is home to all I've ever heard of. The staff could be in no safer hands.
— Cieliss Lin

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