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The Last Dream

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Reality as we know it is nothing more than a reality of "dreams and stories" called a Dream. These Dreams were made by a race of highly advanced god-like beings called Dreamers. These dreams and stories are "self-telling" and self replicating, countless eons ago more of these realities thrived without serious issue. All of this changed when a mysterious "virus" called The Nightmare infected The Dreamers and their dreams. This virus swept through all of the dreams either outright destroying them or corrupting them beyond measure. With only one Dream left, the remaining Dreamers poured all of their life force into it in order to give it fighting chance. This final act of desperation lead to the creation of the Last Dream... After discovering The Truth about existence and the threat of the Nightmare, the Mycor decided to go on a series of Crusades to "unify" as many powerful races as they could in order to mount a defensive against this ancient enemy...this began a whole new story.