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Luna Grace

Luna Grace (a.k.a. Lu)

Physical Description

Physical quirks

Tend to play with her hair when she gets nervous and embarrassed. When she blushes she hides her face behind her hair.

Special abilities

She can use fairy magicks that only fairies can use but hers is more heightened because of her relation to the Fairy Queen. She can use a wand as well but is more experienced with her natural magicks rather than spells and potions.

Apparel & Accessories

Casual: Dark blue leggings, long black hoodie, white converse. She always wears a moon-shaped necklace that her aunt got her before she "moved". Black cat-eye framed glasses. Moon related earrings. Formal: Navy blue short flowy off the shoulder dress with beading on the chest, black lacey open-toed heels with a bow on the toes, sun and moon dangling earrings, her moon-shaped necklace, a tiara with stars on it, with her hair straight down like it usually is. Pajamas: Black pajamas with a shirt that says "Come to the dork side we have cookies.", black slippers with a sun and moon on the toes, her moon-shaped necklace, her black cat-eye framed glasses, with her hair in a messy side ponytail.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Luna is very secretive about her magick abilities and the only person outside of her family that knows about them is Stella. She's constantly being consulted and questioned by girls at school and is very shy and quiet around other people in public (mainly at school) because she doesn't want to accidentally expose herself.


A freshman in college. (out of state college)

Morality & Philosophy

She believes that everybody has a purpose in life.

Personality Characteristics


To find her place and figure out where she belongs.


Always washed up well, clean hair, clean face, usually dressed casually and doesn't wear makeup except on special occasions.


Contacts & Relations

Father: Johnathan, raised by mainly his father, his parents were divorced when he was 5 years old but his kids are close with both of his parents, a computer scientist. Mother: Clairissa, raised by both of her parents who were magick users and they both taught her how to use and control her magicks, stay at home mom who loves teaching her daughters about their magicks. Brother: Levi, 10 years old in 5th grade, has bad ADHD and no self-control, in SPED classes, Luna is always trying to help him in any way she can even if it's just a little bit, (no magicks). Sister: Lilli, 24 years old who is out of college, she's the first one who started teaching Luna about magicks, (has magicks). Grandma (Mom's mom): Ariel, has magicks Grandpa (Mom's dad): Lester, has magicks Grandma (Dad's mom): Skye, no magicks Grandpa (Dad's dad): Bob, no magicks Bestfriend: Stella, Luna's best friend, and childhood friend, Luna and she are practically attached at the hip, she's the only other person other than Luna's family that knows about Luna's magick abilities, has magicks but isn't very good at controlling them so she never uses them, (has magicks). Boys: Xander, a guy that goes to school with her and is best friends with Luna and Stella, Luna and he have a thing for each other before Luna ventures into The Lands of Enchantment, (no magicks). Asher, a farmer's son in The Lands of Enchantment who Luna meets later on when she ventures into The Lands of Enchantment, they eventually fall for each other but and forbidden to be together because his father betrayed the fairies in the past, (no magicks). Friend: Serenity, a friend of Luna's but is very pushy and constantly forcing Luna to do things she doesn't want to do. Girls

Family Ties

Her aunt (Mom's sister) is the fairy queen, Queen Crystal. Luna is her niece but thinks that Crystal died in a fire when Luna was born, they meet for the first time when Luna accidentally finds her way into The Lands of Enchantment with Stella.

Hobbies & Pets

Pets: Luna has no pets in the Otherworld but when she gets more comfortable in The Lands of Enchantment she ends up rescuing a lost/hurt baby unicorn and becomes its owner/caretaker, Luna names the unicorn Athena. Hobbies: Luna loves playing the violin and is very good at it as well, she enjoys practicing her magicks with her mother and sister and loves to show Stella and Xander what she is able to do with her magicks and what new stuff she learns.

A secretive, shy, pretty young adult who is unaware that she is a fairy. Her aunt is the Fairy Queen, Queen Celeste.

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Date of Birth
January 29, 2001
Seattle, Washington
Current Residence
A neighborhood in a suburban in Seattle
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Dark blue
Long, straight, silky, black hair
Skin Tone
5'8 ft
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Sounds like a personal problem." (only to her friends and she always giggles slightly after she says it)
Known Languages
English and apparently unicorn because she learns she can communicate with them she goes to The Crystal Kingdom in The Land Of Enchantment.

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