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Lumen is the silver alloy that the Zora are known for using in their metalworks, especially in their weapons. It is prized for its silvery finish and is the second most popular metal to use in decorative weapons-crafting.   The alloy is a compound of silver, iron, and the Zora's famous luminous stone. While difficult to make and not nearly as durable as Hylian steel, it is renowned for its ability to make incredible edges that are sharp enough to hew stone. The metal itself is silver in color with a faint bluish hue due to the presence of the luminous stone but lacks the characteristic, soft teal glow of most luminous stone-made materials. It is lightweight and rustproof, making it a favorite material among fisherman for their harpoons. For the Zora, the only downside of the metal is that it conducts electricity as well as their own bodies, but this has recently become a boon to scientists who are studying the benefits of electrical energy.

History & Usage


The Zora have been using lumen since shortly after the Zora moved to the Lanayru region after the Great Flood over 12,000 years ago, evidenced by artifacts that have survived nearly intact to this day. It is one of the oldest known alloys in existence, second only to the Gerudo's bronze.

Everyday use

Lumen is mainly used to make weapons such as knives, spears, and tridents. It is also used for stonemasonry tools as well as harpoon tips. It is a popular and cheaper alternative to using pure silver in jewelry and is known to be used as a decorative metal for luxury furniture.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Lumen has been directly linked to the Goddess and the Zora Royals for as long as they can remember, so it is considered a sacred metal to them. The Zora King's crown is made from lumen, and all of their cultural and religious festivals and rituals utilize lumen arifacts to some extent. For example, the Zora Champion's Festival that honors the life and death of the late Princess Mipha is centered around ceremonial trident made of lumen.
1 ingot is worth 325R
Common in Lanayru, very rare everywhere else
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