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The Korok, also known as the "Children of the Forest" or the "fairy children", are a race of childlike, plant-like beings that live exclusively in the Korok Forest of the Great Hyrule Forest. Very little is known about them due to the fact that spotting them is rare, and making it to their home is even rarer thanks to the strange magic that protects the area. It is said that they only appear to those who are pure of heart, such as children, and that finding one out in the world means that you are extremely lucky. However, it is also said that if you encounter one near their domain, they will try to trick you into following them home where you will be lost forever. Whether or not one believes if encountering one of these creatures is good luck or bad luck all depends on how far away one lives from the Great Hyrule Forest.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

All Korok wear masks on their faces that are made from Korok leaves of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. It is unclear whether or not the masks are their actual faces, but they have never been known to remove the masks. Each mask has unique markings that somewhat resembles a face, and there seems to be no correlation between the face markings and their ability to use their senses.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

While the Korok lives exclusively in the Korok Forest, they can occasionally be found hiding around the world in the oddest of places, including areas that would normally seem unfit for it such as the volcanic Eldin region.

Average Intelligence

The Korok are sapient beings, but they are universally childlike, even the ones considered "mature". While their knowledge of the world of other races varies, they never seem to lose their innocence.
Unknown; thought to be immortal
Average Height
1-3 feet
Average Weight
<1 pound; can barely withstand the blowing of harsh wind
Average Physique
All Koroks are short with stubby limbs that lack digits, and small tails, the function of which remains unknown. Some are known for having branch-like horns, while others lack them.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Koroks can come in a variety of natural colors such as green, yellow, brown, orange, and red. The masks that they wear also come in different colors that do not necessarily match their bodies.

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