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Hylian-born Gerudo

Background Information

  The Hylian-born are the main ethnicity of the Gerudo, about 85% of the Gerudo population. They are all the daughters born of Hylians fathers, the baseline and most abundant race of Hyrule. The Gerudo are naturally drawn to Hylian men as it is no secret on what kind of child they are going to get: a strong, healthy, middle-of-the-road Gerudo (most of the time).   Since ancient times, the Gerudo have always been considered to be a race of beautiful women, and have been exotified and coveted by the men of other races. Once a tribe of thieves who had to steal both money and men to survive, the modern Gerudo have since begun to capitalize on their own exploitation. Justified by their need of Hylian men to continue their own race, the Gerudo society has felt compelled to ignore seemingly positive stereotypes that have cropped up around them in an effort to quash their old reputation. The idea of them being docile housewives who will put their head down for more than what a Hylian woman will accept has worked favorably for many centuries to put the Gerudo on the map as a viable option for a Hylian man seeking a spouse. However, in recent years, this very idea has backfired on them on the world political stage. Now that the Hylian kingdom reigns supreme once again, the wealth and influence that the Gerudo once enjoyed are slowly but surely being eroded from underneath them.   For any Gerudo, finding a Hylian spouse is simple, but a gamble. The very same ideals that were used to elevate them in the eyes of Hylian men have also made it very difficult to have their agency taken seriously. In Hylian society, women have many struggles against the men who have seized all the power, but for a Hylian-born Gerudo, there are challenges on top of the ones a Hylian woman might face. For example, all Gerudo, even the ones who are born in The Kingdom of New Hyrule, are automatically considered lesser citizens to their Hylian counterparts. Because of this status, a Gerudo who has a grievance against a Hylian for any reason will almost never receive justice. The stripping of their rights in Hyrule has left the Gerudo in such a vulnerable position both legally and physically that these strong women, many of them former warriors, have left and are actively leaving the kingdom in droves to go back to the protection of their ancestral home where men are not allowed behind the walls of their city.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Hylian-born Gerudo usually taken on the names of their husbands/fathers, but this isn't always the case. Gerudo who don't stay with the fathers of theirs of their children (or just never get married), tend to have names such as Riju, Davida, Buandai, Ashni, Awali, Edo, Odalwa, and etc.
Parent ethnicities
Related Organizations

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5 Jul, 2018 20:43

I haven't played Zelda in a while and got Gerudo mixed up with Gorons at first and was a little confused about them being beautiful and coveted women hahaha. Anyway, I like the complicated social position you've presented here for these mixed-race Gerudo. All the little details of how something works in society is my favourite part of worldbuilding. Only advice I could give is to maybe break up the beginning with some sub-headers I find it makes it easier to read when there are fewer long blocks of text.

5 Jul, 2018 20:48

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely plan on fixing this up after camp, so I'll take your advice to heart

5 Jul, 2018 21:13

Once again, the non-Zelda player finds himself in this Hyrule world. Consider me successfully educated!

5 Jul, 2018 21:27

Depressing, but really well written. I like the detail on last names, adds a lot to the worldbuilding. I'm curious about what the other 15% Gerudo are... Rito Gerudo?

5 Jul, 2018 21:33

My story is filled with a ton of depressing stuff, it is a political intrigue story after all! As far as the other 15%, it encompasses the other races that I didn't cover, including the Rito. The lowest percentage is Goron-born, but they're slowly becoming more popular now that a certain "rumor" about them has been clarified!

5 Jul, 2018 21:38

Really? Interesting, that's got to hard to plot out, but I think that its working out so far!
I see! A rumor huh...

5 Jul, 2018 21:31

Sounds kind of rough for the Gerudo, but they also sound awesome. Guess that's usually what happens.

5 Jul, 2018 21:45

This was intense, you make the lore so deep for a universe already pretty in depth! Well done friend. I enjoyed the read

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