The Land of Aÿshra

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The Populace, Vistas and
Antiquities of Aÿshra
The Observations of a Wandering Gadabout
Authored by:
Orzan Menerathrope

The Populace, Vistas and Antiquities of Aÿshra or The Observations of a Wandering Gadabout was copied by hand from the Abbey of the Enlightened Brotherhood of Tirushvoth and these works are protected by the 4th Law of the Scribe Protectorate issued by the Lord Mayor Emenith Torgun, 891, 3A. Any unlawful copies of this manuscript shall lead to immediate prosecution of the lawbreaker, including up to the removal posthaste of both hands if not a swift and immediate execution.

Greetings and salutations dearest reader and welcome yet again to another masterclass monograph from I, the irrepressible, cultured and ever suave Orzan Menerathrope. Since my last thesis; Orkäens, Enclaves and the Territorial Disputes of 453 2A: Parts I-VII, I have spent the last decade making my way around this wonderous continent archiving her races, languages, history, holidays, organizations, politics, economy/currency, secrets and more which are all to be found within the pages of the very tome held within your hands. We shall go into specifics when necessary, however, being that Aÿshra is countless ages old and filled with numerous races, each with their own varying histories and tales, this tome could potentially become a massive epic over any number of endless additions. So to save you, my dear reader, your precious time and to save I, the impeccable author, years of debilitating hand cramps and joint pains, we shall condense all the histories into a few select ‘highlights’ and personal picks of mine that I feel will showcase the highest and lowest points in each country’s and races’ storied histories.

And finally, we shall only be covering a handful of locations in each kingdom that would be deemed of historical and/or cultural significance. The reasoning behind this, aside from the fact that going over every town and village and tribe in Aÿshra would prove to be a lifelong task and I have a great many other books I plan to write and bring to my adoring fans. I’d also rather not have to study in the more insignificant locations in great detail as most throughout the five kingdoms tend to be missing comfortable lodgings in any form and it’s so difficult to write when one is expected to slumber in a bed of straw whilst sharing the same room as a barnyard animal. Or worse, the town drunk.

So, let’s begin, shall we? You shall find all of the provided chapters below, each with their own subsections. I hope you enjoy the following records on the people, places and historical highlights of Aÿshra as much as I enjoyed archiving them.

Orzan Menerathrope
(Former) Grand Historiographer to King Valyn IV
On this day, 18th of Sumner, 782, 4A