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Loomwyrm (/luːm wɜːm/)

The Loomywyrm is an omnivorous, territorial bat-like wyvern that is often hunted for its plush and pristine white pelt. When hunted successfully, the materials harvested from this white wyrm can keep a single slayer well fed and in good standing for many seasons.   In the days of old, many petty kings of the Oaken Kyn wore garments made from Loomwyrm and such a coat is still seen as a symbol of status throughout the Kynlore.


The Loomwyrm resembles a crossing between a white bat and a wyvern of lore. It stands on two slender legs that end in large talon-like claws, and it possesses two large, delicate wings of a thin, fleshy membrane that it uses to fly. Each wing is tipped with a large, razor sharp finger spike. The Loomwyrm is primarily covered in soft, medium length white fur that is renowned for its silky texture and work-ability, though it's small face is fur-less and pink in colour with soft, supple skin. It has large, round black eyes and   Unlike the bats it so closely resembles, one of the Loomwyrm's most striking features is a long, flat scaly tail that resembles of a beaver's. Ruddy, chitinous scales cover its feet, underside, and tail.   The Loomwyrm has a long, snake-like neck with a series of air pouches that can be used to puff up the fur of its neck, giving it a distinctive collard appearance. Whether this is for intimidation or mating purposes is unknown.


The Loomwyrm is native to the Oaken Kyn and makes its roost in the shallow caves and vertical rock cuts found in the heavily forested hills around the Longbow Lakes. From these hidden nests they emerge at night to hunt nearly any creature that dwells within its territory. Though capable of flying great distances, the Loomywrm are never found far from the sour cherry trees that nourish their young.   The habitat of a Loomwyrm can be told by the distinctive gouges it leaves in the trunks with its massive claws.


The Loomwyrm breeds often and in large numbers, with hutches that can number into the dozens of hatchlings. The white wyrm is an attentive, caring parent and can be extremely territorial to those who stumble into its territory, unknowingly or otherwise, from a desire to protect their large broods of vulnerable young. The hatchlings themselves latch onto their mother's soft underside and are carried by her into the orchards of the Oaken Kyn every dawn where they feast on the nutritious fruit. This often brings the Loomwyrm into conflict with the orchard keepers of the Longbow Lakes.   Because of their large ears and sensitive nose, the Loomwyrm can detect approaching creatures from far distances and move quickly to drive them away from its nest. The Loomwyrm enjoys to nap within the boughs of the cherry trees on which it feeds, and it is a lucky traveller who escapes before being noticed.   When threatened, the Loomwyrm uses its powerful lungs and the noxious, fortified juices of its stomach to spray a caustic breath that burns terribly and can dissolve and corrode many common materials known to man.

Additional Information


Attempts have been made to capture and tame the Loomwyrm to better harvest its fur, though all such efforts have failed. It is simply too wild to tame.   A famous story in Laniel tells of a local youth who attempted to befriend a Loomwyrm that had nested nearby, desiring to ride it into war. Naturally, the daring youth quickly became little more than a mid-morning snack for the white wyrm.
30 years
Average Height
11 feet or 3 meters
Average Length
37 feet or 11 meters
Geographic Distribution

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