The Great Barrow


Long before the underworld was made, wayward souls merely decayed. This necrotic energy caused Reanimation. This disturbed the titans, and they taskedĀ Monolith with building prisons and catacombs to imprison the dead. The largest of these was the great barrow.



  A large hill grew over the entrance to the great barrow. Nothing but tall grass grows on this hill; anything with deeper roots fails to grow because of what lies beneath. There is single archway with the sigil of Monolith on it. This gate only opens for the creator himself, and could only be broken with a large amount of Magic.   When bodies fail to hold their host slowly fades their inner ghost The body twists and mind decays Till all that is left is soulless haze  


  Inside the entrance lies modular tunnels and crossroads. Each of these tunnels has lesser versions of the seal placed on the barrow entrance. These take considerably less effort to break, as they were designed to trap undead instead of keeping others out. Each of these tunnels contains a Honored Dead, forever resting until something tries to enter or escape.  


At the end of these tunnels are large cubic rooms with chains and bunks to trap the undead. At the center of these rooms are large obelisks designed to eat any Magic given off from the undead. This keeps them relatively passive and restrained.
Alternative Name(s)
Sleepy Mans Mount, Monolith's folly
Mountain / Hill

Magical famine

  The great barrow was placed on a major Wells of Magic, but the amount of Magic the barrow consumes offsets this well into the negative. A large amount of Magic energy is drained from the local area, causing the nearby Nymphs and magic dependant mortals to become exhausted or sleep. A few who sleep never wake up and stay in an eternal state of slumber. A even fewer ammount of these became Honored Dead.