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The deadly children of Sircys.

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Sircisus, a large collection of incredibly steep mountains forming a barrier to the east, is named after the mythological beast Sircys and her group of eggs she laid, which ultimately never hatched. The heavy rows of mountains, in a way, represent giant structures and they were initially known as the great Snake Eggs before the era of discovery. So far, all who have set out to scale Sircisus have been killed in unfortunate accidents. Those who have been suspected of going to scale the mountain but who's bodies were never found are assumed lost to the ocean, but there really may be no telling of where some lost souls setting sail to uncover the mysteries of the snake eggs truly end up. One thing's for certain, however - nobody has come back.


Sircisus is an incredibly large range of mountains that currently prohibit exploration to the east simply because nobody has been able to climb it.

Flora & Fauna

It is currently unknown what life is beyond Sircisus. However, the beaches of the mainland are rocky, dull and appearing to be lifeless.

Natural Resources

No attempts have been made (yet) to mine the rock of Sircisus. However, on the outside it appears to be entirely made of metamorphic rock, with no telling of what metals or precious stones may lie inside the face of the mountains.
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    The whole thing.

Alternative Name(s)
The Unbreakable Wall, The Great Snake Eggs
Mountain range

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