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The Knight & The Faun

January 1st, 443

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"The world, modern Earth as we know it, has ended in catastrophe after a failed experiment tore a hole in spacetime. But rather than usher in an apocalyptic age, a group of the world's best and brightest combined their powers and ascended to what can be described as a state of divinity. Using advanced experimental technologies of genetic editing, nanomachines, terraforming and more, these beings have managed to save a small part of north-west America and populated it with their redesigned creations of Earthling life based on the fantasy races of their beloved fictions, calling them the New Terrans. The story begins at the dawn of the New World, where civilization awakens to find that the world is not the utopia they hoped for."   "The Creators of the New World, calling themselves the Omnimark ╬Δ╬, planned for a bountiful Eden with which to rule over in a golden age to revel in ecstasy, the world made their fantasy-ground. Awakening to the remains of a broken Earth, they and the people of the New World discovered that this fantasy had not become reality. The ruins of the Old World stand as a grim reminder to how far the world has fallen. The Earth's natural resources have long been depleted, farmed and mined into unsustainability. Terraformation technology gone awry desperately batters the New World with extreme weather, draining the water and temperature from the world and storing it in clouds so as to prevent flooding what remains. Harsh storms block out the sky over the ocean and beaches, while deserts and ice storms and maelstroms and an ever slowly rising tide cut into the New World inch by inch, corrupting the land in an unsustainable ticking time bomb. Faced with this scarcity, the races of the New World scramble to gather resources for themselves, clashing with other civilizations trying to do the same, leading to ever increasing hostility between peoples, now leading to full blown Segregation War."   "The rift torn in spacetime, named The Magic Circle, lingers just above the skies of the New World, pouring forth extra-dimensional energies which wash over the Earth. The energy that bleeds from the bounds of the Magic Circle seems to be hyper-reactive to conscious observation, introducing Magic to the world. However, energy from beyond the Magic Circle embodies unworldly chaos, morphing the mundane into the monstrous."