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The Knight & The Faun

January 1st, 443

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The Knight & The Faun is a delve into a possible future for Earth and all of its inhabitants... on the surface. But deep in the story's core, amidst philosophical ventures and major events within the ever-changing world, it is a grand introspection into how an existential crisis might unfold if experienced by a universe who's laws encounter a fatal paradoxical error.   The Knight & The Faun is named after two characters. These characters' goals are the same, their bonds strong, yet their personal philosophies differ. This ultimately leads to the dilemma of compromising their world outlook and forfeiting the world, or turning against their friend. This was the basic concept that birthed this world, based on many experiences from my personal life.   In the late modern era, the Old World came to an end. But Earth was not left uninhabited, for eventually the shelters that they left behind opened, and Humanity's genetically modified descendants emerged, to be guided by what little Humanity left behind. Though the knowledge and tools left behind by the Old World were not all they had to form a new civilization, for a mysterious rift later known as The Magic Circle torn just beyond Earth's atmosphere poured energy harnessable by any creature. This energy was to be known as Magic.   This story explores many facets of our reality. It explores individuality in a world and political climate where individuals are given no power of their own. It explores the differences and relationships between people and philosophy. It explores the evolution, nature, and rise of dystopian society in multiple forms. It explores the fragile nature of the abstract laws of the universe, and what happens when they bend.

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  • Map of The New World (Land vs Water Diagram)
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