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The Obsidiant

  Searching to emulate The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear, with the dirction of the ant Nazgrelx, a extensive study took place of the magic and alchemy books of the Citadel. Mixing alchimy, with blood magic and guided with telepathy, after many tries was found a reciepe able to produce a stable substance. Using the newly founded process of Organic Alchemy , the creation of copy of the The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear began.   Those obsidiant specialy help with the matter of logistic in The Kingdom of Myr , serving as equivalent to mounted horse in the army, maybe not as fast, but being able to traverse any terrain and being harder to take down. They are also limited in their size due to the fact that the creation of bigger obsidiant would need roads, tunnels and other infrastructures to be made larger and sturdier.    


6 Legs

Weapons & Armament

Mandibles and antennae

Armor and defense

Obsidian chitin
Used by
Owning Organization
2 - 2.5 meter
3 meter and half
1 meter and half
544 kg
Top 20-25km/h with only its rider, lesser depending on the number/amount of person or material being hauled
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
326 kg (60% of its weight)

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