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The Little Rock Cafe

Situated on the east side wall of the great cavern, the Little Rock Cafe was at first a pub managed by Tiret [WIP], then quickly evolved into a restaurant then a tavern with the addition of rooms for the travelers stopping at Bel-O-Kube [WIP] or the passong marchand.   From the The Little Rock Cafe take the shape of a three floors balcony The access to the building is at the first level, linked to the main platform by the stone bridge. At this level is also the storage room for the food and liquid, liquor and alcohol. At the second level on the are the original pub, the added tables, and kitchen, and in the wall part of the cavern on where the Little Rock Cafe is, are the multiple rooms for the people passing by. The last third level is an extension of the second level, with tables and other rooms.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Tiret [WIP]
Owning Organization
The Kingdom of Myr

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