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The Kingdom of Myr

Citizenship   To fully be a citizen of Myr, one must partake in a period of military training in The Black Surge, army of Myr [WIP]. Branching off after the basis of the fighting training, with introdution to specialized fields of the army. Such as the field engineering, scouting, logistic, higher level of fighting or of long range.   After this period, peoples can go back to their civilian lifestyle, or to choose to go professional in the army, in one of the five section of the army. The the sixth section, the SOS only recruiting people already present in the army


Myr is organized as follow   When needed, a General Assembly is called in order to discuss and established the guideline of laws, inner politics (such as the necessity for goods) and outside one. Session take place in the Amphitheater of Debates inside The Great Library of Bel-O-Kube . When a session is needed, all the citizen who whish to partake can do so. But the widespread used of telepathy make so that not a lot of people actually do as quick survey can be done before hand. The telepathy increasing the empathy for each other, also reduces the amount of decisions that could negatively impact other, or ones that could be taken too quickly.     When a decision is taken on a guide line, it is then passed to a counci which is then given the responsibility to carry on the decision taken in the Assembly. Its member is composed of the more experienced members of the society in dedicated field, directly choosen by the people from those field as their most competent member. Depending on the field of the set guildeline, the according members of the council will have the mission to assure that the decision made be met. And if in the case of unforseen complications send back to a General Assembly the question, or if possible to directly make the call on it.       Moreover, Myr's society is not equivalent to others on the point that there is no class separation and social segregation, as in the case of the classical example in human societies. peasants, nobles and clerics. Separated in terms of status, place and possibilities. People do not receive a label based on their birth or the status of their parent. They are then the only ones to choose what they will do during the time that they will like, with at any moment the possibility to change. Access to places and services offered by the city is an absolute right and inseparable to every person, whether access to health care, education or housing.   In return for this right are three duties, the first of which is that every citizen of the city is expected to perform military service at one of the branches The Black Surge [WIP] . This is to make each person able to protect his peers and any other person in danger whatever the situation and the means available. The duration of this service is variable according to the speed to learn the main bases. The service performed, however, it is possible to continue its service in parallel with its activities to sharpen its bases and why not become an expert in his field.   Then comes the duty to try as much as possible to go and assist in the debate on the questions and the operation of Myr.   The last duty applied to all is that of helping one's neighbor, to provide assistance, whether material or moral, to all persons in need of help in any form. This duty is such as to render natural and instinctive the mutual assistance between the totality of the individuals that compose Myr, as well as the links that they maintain between them beyond their differences.

Public Agenda

The highest goal of Myr is to assured to each of its member a fulfilling life.   This is done by making sure that every member can found his place in the society, have his more basic needs meet for the work done while not indulging themself.

Demography and Population

The population is mainly composed of The ants of Myr (around 45%), followed by Humans (around 30%) and then by Orcs (around 20%). Other representative of the greens skins are also present such as goglins and trolls but in way lesser number due to the fact that the clan that was welcomed by Myr was mainly composed of orc.   The demography is as follow:
  • -Bel-O-Kube : Largest population center of Myr, the repartion of species is as previously said but with a lesser presence of orc
  • -Thermitia : Second population center, here the orcs form the majority, closely followed by ants and humans
  • -The Settlement of Green Skins : As the name might suggest, the orcs form the majority of the population by far.
  • -The Fishing Town [WIP] : Last population center, the demography is the same as Bel-O-Kube but with the humans being the majority

Technological Level

By reverse engineering the book of the Dominion's Citadelle, the alchimics and demonics one, the Organic Alchemy allow Myr the abilty to create construct of a new kind.

Foreign Relations

On the diplomatic side, Myr tends to have good relation with its neigbour, especialy with those your were present since the first alliance of the Dominion.

Agriculture & Industry

All the cities of Myr have multiple direct source of food, mainly agricultures with outside fields or undergrounds ones, to ensure redundancy and prevent local scarcity of food, and undergrounds rooms that are prepared for a special kind of mushroom to serve as backup if needed.   Each cities have fiels in which they are more specialized in.   Bel-O-Kube : textile, product from the Organic Alchemy, honeydew from The Giant Green Aphid, Bookbinding, wood cutting , woodcraft,   Thermitia : metallurgy   The Settlement of Green Skins : wood cutting , woodcraft, larges outside agricultural fields   The Fishing Town [WIP] : fish, oyster, small boat building

Trade & Transport

Transportation inside of Myr is ensure by several stone road that link the cities together trought the dense forest that cover the region. If shipment are to be made, an owner of The Obsidiant will transport the cargo where its needed. They can also transport people who need to get from city to city.


While being young, all member of Myr will be teached how to read and write at The Great Library of Bel-O-Kube , recieve basic level of education and will later start learning a chosen craftsmanship, or enter the army professionally while doing their military service.   And as one learn how to speak with its parent, they will also learn how to use telepathy, especialy with their mother with who they shared a direct, but primitive, link while in the womb.
Founding Date
The 25 of Mimélune, of the 13th year
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
Subsidiary Organizations
Organization Vehicles
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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