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The Hall of the Obsi Gear

Like the name indicate, this place house The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear, and all the materials needed for the maintenance of its giant balista. As well as The Obsidiant [WIP] located in Bel-O-Kube [WIP].       Situated in a large excaveted cavern next to the The Military District [WIP], the Hall of the Obsi Gear is structured like a gothic cathedral's nave and its aisles in order to consolidate the cavern. In the central part that could be seen as the nave, stands The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear when it is inactive.   Crossing the ceiling are several catwalk, the central ones having access to the mecanism of the crane that lower and lift the giant balista from The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear's back. The alcoves of the lower level of the aisles serve as storage for the spare part of the giant balista for its maintenance and repairs. While the alcoves of the upper level serve as the barn for each of The Obsidiant [WIP].   And at the ends of the nave are on one side a tunnel going to the surface large enought for The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear to be able to pass with its balista. And at the other end another tunnel as large going to the Laboratories.
Hangar, Massive
Parent Location
The Military District [WIP]
Owning Organization
The Black Surge [WIP]

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