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The Great Library of Bel-O-Kube

The Great Library, accessible by the north stone and by passing by the many access tunnels to the galeries of habitation, is not a classical uniform set of room, but severals cyclical large galleries of arranged books and written records on shelves. Those cyclical galleries are repeated on six floor, the entrance to the Great Library being on the first one. Scattered in the hallways are also several murals depicting important historical event of Myr, such as the cataclysme that destroyed Bel-O-Kan or the death of Jesollas.     While serving as the library of Bel-O-Kube [WIP], this place also houses the Amphitheater of Debates that serve as the assembly for The Kingdom of Myr [WIP] accessible at the first floor. And two floor lower is a large cavern that houses room for education and museum pieces.     The Amphitheater of Debates:   This room take the common shape of demi-amphitheater with the entrance to the room at the center of the theatron, facing the stage of the speaker. The principale role of this place is to hold the assembly when a session of the General Assembly takes place to debate and take decision on diverse matter.   When a session is not taking place, the Amphitheater can also serve for educational purposes in the case the rooms two floor lower aren't big enough.   Museum pieces:   The room where the musuem pieces are is also shared with the educational rooms. The so said room are built in a circular manner in the cavern, their roof being the floor of the upper part. Upon this floor are distributed several pedestals with their piece on display, accompanied with shelves of book on the side and following the wall of the cavern. This upper floor being the museum part of the cavern, it includes as its collection:  
  • - several fossils of ants of Bel-O-Kan imbued in stone
  • - the beak of the deceased giant squid from the Sea of Nixe
  • - artefacts of unknow fonction from Bel-O-Kan
Parent Location
Owning Organization
The Kingdom of Myr

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