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The Formic Section

Representation of this section   The second section of the Black Surge of Myr, its members having developed their basic training in the usage of the bow and crossbow to mastery. For them range and winds don't have secret anymore on the battlefield.   Using a bow or crossbow depending of their assignation, they make either way use of the better performance given by the spider's silk to the string. But with a better understanting on how to produce metal parts able to retain their forms despite high force, came the next generation of crossbow with a full metalic which started to gain ground againts the bow as the main weapon of the formic section.     The subject of the rise of firearms was touched upon by the Black Surge to know if the possible change of weaponeary was relevant to protect Myr. And from the data gathered from a smuggled musket and its equipment and the knowledge on how it had to be operate, it was deduced that the weapon was highly inefficient. Despite the range offered and the reduced training needed, the drastic drop of its accuracy and paired with the need to deployed it in mass formation to counter-act this, made the weapon no suited for the Black Surge as this made the weapon needing unpratical formation for the terrain of Myr, and making each individual soldier on their on a lesser pottent one with its inaccuracy at range and the longer reload time.   But despite this, it gave Myr the idea to start its own version more suited for its needs. When the Methanier firearms program ended, several groups only composed of officer in the section were gathered to form a new unit using the methanier rifles, serving as long ranger firing squads. And when the some methanier cannon were made, previously equipped obsidiants with a scorpion plateforme were outfited with a methanier cannon plateform.
Military, Army Company
Parent Organization
The Black Surge [WIP]
Related Ethnicities

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