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The Fishing Town [WIP]

At the early age of Bel-O-Kube, due to the fact that the sea that bordered the south of its territory was still occupied the aquatic civilization of fishmen called Nixe, Bel-O-Kube left the ressources of the sea to its people,   But after many month withou any contact of Nixe, it was discover after many year that their cities were abandonned, no nixien to be found. Their disparition supposed by many to is due to regain of the Volcan of the Ragnarhos that bordered the sea on its east side, which could have lead to poisoning the sea whith enought volcanic coumpound to slowly kill the Civilization. With their disparition, the creation of a town that could bring again seafood to Bel-O-Kube was decided, to replace the lost commercials exchanges with Nixe.   The town having one dry dock, commercial halls, and stock rooms, built in the terran. And on the outside, having a lighthouse, several docks and house, some facing the water having oyster field going down the light cliffs.


A dry dock.


  • -a dry dock

Natural Resources

  • Fish
  • Oyester
  • [ /ul]

Location under
The Fishing Town [WIP]
Included Locations
Owning Organization
The Kingdom of Myr

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