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The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear

  Template for the development of The Obsidiant , the giant obsidian ant named Dr. Livingstone serves The Black Surge [WIP] if ever the need arises. When the use of the giant ant is needed, it is then referenced under the code name of the Obsi Gear, sometime shorten to ObGe.  

History of the Dr.Livingstone

    Discovered during the excavation work, in a tunnel, blocking an underground lake surrounding the Vénérable strain at the bottom of Bel-O-Kube, was a thick obsidian statue representing an ant, equivalent to small ants classics. With a wingspan of about 6 meters wide, legs not included, on 23 meters long and 6 meters high. The denomination given to him comes from an engraving lying along his torso.     The interest that Dr. Livingstone created in his discovery first came from the fact that it was supposed that it could have been the reason for stopping the flood that had killed some of first belokubian and that could also have cost the one of the Queen Jesollas. But the major interest came when, after a few days of observation and testing, it was discovered that under the chitin of obsidian, where matter which seemed to be similar without misunderstanding to living cells, but in a dormant state.   Because of its weight, it could not be moved elsewhere, so the area had to be accommodated to learn more.     The origin of this Dr.Livingstone is still until today a mystery, as well as the way that produced it. From its appearance, an ant, and since it was found in the near vicinity of Bel-O-Kube, it is assumed that it would date from the Bel-O-Kan era, and would have been like the Most of the pieces dated from this time, frozen in the rock because of the Great Cataclysm that took place. But the problem being, very few written traces, or whatever, were found in good condition from the Bel-O-Kan era, and no reference to such an object was ever discovered in what survived. However, having no other plausible hypothesis to explain its origin, Bel-O-Kan remains the most logical.     Its origins being unknown, and by extension its creation, several teams under the direction of the ant Nazgrelx tried to find a way to reproduce something like Dr. LivingStone. For this purpose, importants researchs were done in the magical fields of alchemy, to that of necromancy. The Dominion's Citadel's Library was then the main source of virtually all the elements of knowledge in this quests. This project was nammed Organic Alchemy , a prototype in the form of Arthur's Chitin was succesfully made. The discovered process (not certain to be even close to what was used to create the giant ant) being later used to produce the model of The Obsidiant .       But before the creation of obsidiants, an event occured that would awaken the Dr.Livingstone from its sleep, the attack of Nigrum on the city of Bel-O-Kube. From the pain and mental distress felt by Jesollas at the time, the Dr.Livingstone fully awake to rescue the leader of the anthill from her aggressor, instinctively responding to the distress call. While it helped Arthur to force the demon to retreat, Jesollas succumbed to her wounds.     After its awakening, the Dr.Livingstone under the direct command of Arthur helped to repair the dommages caused by Nigrum.  

The ObsiGear

    In service, on the Dr. Livingstone is then mounted giant Ballista of an unique design. Created under the direction of one of the orc of the group having found refuge in The Kingdom of Myr [WIP] . This orc, named Alexandria Leonogvugch Granink, built the weapon in thanks to the city for welcoming his clan in the difficult time that was upon them, and at the same time as a personal challenge to his old creations. Thanks to the different materials gracefully offered by Myr, mainly the metal pieces forged in the depths of Thermitia , and ropes made from the exceptional materials that are the silk thread of the fortress spider.     With those, Granink realized the ballista that surpassed all his previous models made during his life. Pulling beyond all his predictions to withstand the tensions imposed on the whole structure. Making use of the titanic force, to send projectiles at distances of more than 1 kilometer when fired at the most efficient angle. To withstand the backlash created by the force unleashed by the activation of the system, the ObGe must anchor strongly and firmly all its six legs in the ground with to avoid deflecting the projectile from the target.     The most common projectile used is a simple piece of a cut tree trunk. This somewhat unorthodox choice is in fact for the ObGe never to run ammunition, and that it can not be used by the enemy. These projectiles are then the reason, that when deployed, the ObGe is accompanied by three Obsidiants having for goal to provide it with ammunition from the surrounding area, by choosing a relatively straight tree, then cutting it into several usable pieces. Cutting one of the tips in a peak and coating it with wax and other to harden the tip, preventing the projectile to just exploded on impact. Other kind a projectile can also be used and produced for more precise use, such as steel spears made from Thermitia , projectiles imbued with magic, or stone balls.


6 legs

Weapons & Armament

The giant ballista
Owning Organization
6 meters
23 meters
6 meters
  • Max speed : around 70km/h
  • With the ballista : around 30km/h

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