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The Black Surge [WIP]

  The Black Surge is the military power of The Kingdom of Myr [WIP] , in charge of the defense of the population, territory and national interests of Myr. Such can be the protection of the Dominion's Citadelle, or the neighboring allies.     The culture:     The Sections   This army is composed of five official section, and a sixth more secretive one:  

Public Agenda

To protect the people of The Kingdom of Myr [WIP] and its cities, and be ready to face what whever could be thrown at them.


The main base of operation of the army is The Military District [WIP] inside the city of Bel-O-Kube.   The assets and goods at the disposition of the army are provided by the whole kingdom of Myr. To protect its soldier, are issued an armor of steel, and a chainmail, made by the hands and attention of the blacksmiths of Thermitia [WIP], each pieces produced in a quasi-custom fashion to be sure the armor would feel like a second skin for its wearer. The template for the armor is a plate armor distinguished primarily by its helmet having element of an ant, like mandible on the side and short antennae on the top. Depending of the assigned section of a soldier, a variant of the armor is issued to be more aligned with his assignation.   All are made of plates to make the armor easily repairable, and customizable if necessary. For armament, short sword, spear, dagger, bow and bulwarks are the standard pieces of equipment of the soldier. But long or bastard sword, short shield or buckler, flail and else, are so many weapons sometimes found in the ranks of the various legions of the Black Surge, if the individual can show that he is as able alone and in team on formation or not with his weapon. All of those equipment coming once again from the forges of Thermitia [WIP].     Aside from the equipement made of steel, a gambeson is also issued to the soldiers, using silk from the fortress spider. You can see the gambeson and the full version of the armor here: Myrmidon Knight   The high resistance of the material allowed the creation of yarns and cords finer and stronger than the norm, which was also used to create powerfull bows and crossbow. The silk increasing their reach and power, and also allowing the soldier to keep bow and crossbow armed and usable even in wet conditions.

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