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The ants of Myr

Basic Information


The origin of the anthropomorphic ants of Myr coming from the transformation proposed by Jesollas, the shape and form of a belokubien ant depend on the original individual. But the most common one is the human.   The base of the internal skeleton is not changed that much from the original species. Only the skull have to change a little to accomodate for the new pair of segmented antennae on the upper part of the frontal lob, and the pair of mandibles coming out of the sides of the jaw. From where the back would be, a ant's abdomen can found, housing the social stomach, and the uterus for the female ant.   As a exoskeleton, the skin of a belokubien ant is made of a chitin surface, with an average thickness of one centimeters, seperated at the joint by skin fold to provide range in moment by seperating the different plate of chitin. A small duvet cover the largest plate of chitine.

Genetics and Reproduction

As the rest of the morphology and organes, the reproduction system of one ant depend on the species of origin. The only special difference being that the organe for the gestation stage are placed in the back abdomen.

Growth Rate & Stages

At the birth new born look a little like an ant pupae. The stages and growth rate are usally the same as the specie of origin.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A belokubien ant usually keep the senses of his/her original species.   On top of the original senses, ant of Myr have a better capacity to sense scent and smell due to their antennae and the duvet on the largest chitin plates. Added glands can even emit pheromones, to mark something, or to even cover one self with scent or pheremone of particular nature. The antennae also enhance the perception of fibrations that can pass trought one's body.   Ants of Bel-O-Kube are also naturally gifted in the capacity of telepathy from the original transformation performed by jesollas. At birth the capacity is not particulary developped looking on the fact that it need practice. And a lot of inner work to expend one's capacity in it. The telepathy has several degrees of use, the first one being to ability to speak mentally with the people of the surrounding, and the capacity to feel the life sign and thoughts around one self. With practice the range of the ability can grow. The next degree is the ability to fell presence that have no longer physical form, such as spirit or ghost. And the the farthest being the ability to feel the inner cell of an organism, and to even get in touch with it. With patience and dedication, can be even redirected to reformed. But this can only be done with the subject has fully accepted the changement, consciously and unconsciously, to prevent the cell to fight against the process and to bring about disastrous consequences.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Telephatic communication

Average Physique
Depends on the species of origine, but muscle tend to be more efficient.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The color of the chitine depend on the color of one's parent. Or the color of his hair, if the person was transformated by Jesollas
Related Ethnicities

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