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Organic Alchemy

The Organic Alchemy is the magical process by which a extension of one's body can be created. It is an amalgame of alchemy, blood magic gathered from books and the telepathy practiced in The Kingdom of Myr  


  The project came to be after the discovery of The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear during an excavetion, theory of its origine and nature were made, it was set as a goal for Nazgrelx [WIP] and his team to reverse engineering from what was known of the sleeping giant in order to create equivalent that could help Bel-O-Kube.     To this goal they spend mounth reading and writting down every informations that seem promising from the multiple book of the Library of the Dominion's Citadelle, from the more simple one to the more arcane one. Making sure to mark every informations that were of dubious nature. Not by falsehood, but by their dangerosity, due to the fact that the biggest bulk of them were coming from the realm of the Nether. Therefore some could bring possibilities of corruption in the process, from the slightest to more severe one, and the risk of such possibility was wished to be null. Choosing to not self impose such prevention could have certainly allowed the team to find a method more quickly and less demanding on resources, but no risks were to be taken. The technique was made around alchemical procedures and blood magic in order to use the inherent slight magic of the blood to enhance the procedure.     And so after a year of trial and error, promising results were made. This was possible due to extended reflexion on the possibility to use telepathy in the same manner used by Jesollas to alter a body, by controlling and guiding wheeling living matter to take a desired shape, to bypass the negative side of the most promising amalgame of methods. But due to the necessity of a constant direct link, Jesollas [WIP] wouldn't be able to manage all the entities. So for the procedure a person with an acute capacity in telepathy is needed, in order to communicate with his cells in order to guide and prevent them from dying off by being outside their original body, and then later overseen/guide/use what could be felt like a new "limb".   The choosen test subject to see if the hypothetical procedure would work was none other than Arthur, due to being the most experienced person after Jesollas [WIP] in telepathy. Arthur would then give at multiple occasion sample of his blood and stay in order to control his cells, trying to found the best way to communicate to them the need to grow and to take simple shapes.     The attack of Nigrum on Bel-O-Kube later shown that no futher tests were needed because of the result of Arthur's Chitin. Development of concrete application then started quickly.  

Ingredients needed

  Found in one of the book that were studied was a list of elements indicated as being the supposed basis for life. Those are needed in order to give what will be needed by the organic materials in order for it to grow and take shape, the respective quantity depends on the size of the creation.    
  • -Water
  • -Coal
  • -Ammonium
  • -Limestone
  • -Salt
  • -Phosphore
  • -Saltpetre
  • -Sulfur
  • -Fluor
  • -Iron
  • -Honey, honeydew or sugar
    And to improve the durability and resistance of the product, and to serve as shell of it, is also used Piled Obsidian stone from the slopes of the Ragnarhos.   The last ingredient needed is a sample of blood from the futur linked person, and one that is able to guide its organic material during the process.  

Process [WIP]



  While being somewhat used widely, the exact method to produce a form from organic alchemy is not as much widely know to the citizen of The Kingdom of Myr.     But for the outside world, with the exception of allies, the exact nature of the organic alchemy, being organic material grown and controlled by a person with telepathy, is kept a secret. If an external person wonder on this nature, an false answer is to be given of it being some kind of golem, which from certain point of view is not really a lie.   After that Arthur choose to fullfilled the ritual on his side, it began to be a tradition in the case of the obsidiant and later the methanier firearms that at the end of their life to see the bearer of the link to fullfilled the ritual of the organic alchime in order that even after their death the duty to the people of Myr endures and to provide them with complicated ressource to produce.


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