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The world we live in is a complex thing. At the point where many of its aspects remain for almost all inexplicable. And it is to try to answer these mysteries, that many scholars and researcher, seek element that could help them to mount theories and scenarios explaining these unknowns of our worlds. Of all the phenomena observable, or which may have been in the past, none are more mysterious, and as dangerous as those phenomenon called "Cataclysm".     These Cataclysms would then be extraordinary and unpredictable natural events that belong to the magical domain. Of unknown origin, these phenomena move what is in their environment in different places, on the same plane or from one plane to another. These events can happen in a non-perceptible way, usually for small areas, up to dangerous cataclysm, hence the name, for large areas. Several events that have marked history are thus called under this name.   Thus, on the side of Bel-O-Kube , whose very story began with a catastrophic event. Which had touched and destroyed the ancient city of Bel-O-Kan and his people, at the exception of Jesollas [WIP] who was bring far away from the event by the queen of the old city. She latter awaken lost in a forest on the plane communly known as the capital of New Stendel, from the capitale name of the Empire of Stendel. Many traces of the ancient city of Bel-O-Kan were discovered over the years. And by some moments writings describing the ancient city. This led to the observation that the world on which we find ourselves was not that of Bel-O-Kan in view of the geographical elements and peoples present. The hypothesis was thus formulated that the Cataclysm which had struck Bel-O-Kan would have transposed elements, structure, and objects, and living organism such as Jesollas [WIP] in a state of larva, or The Giant Green Aphid , on the plane of New-Stendel.   Several years after the founding of Bel-O-Kube, the discovery of Thermitia [WIP] to the west of the city, brought argument to this theory. According to recovered archives of the old Bel-O-Kan, Thermitia [WIP] should have been a city being very far away. But the description of the surrounding places does not absolutely correspond to what is today observable. From an environment called savanna, Thermitia stands today on an hight and elongated island. Among other things, internal elements in the construction would suggest that portions were cut clean. This split in the material was also found within the rocks making the island, and those making the rocky levels surrounding the old city. Suggesting that the whole thing would have been like "grafted" net, where we know Thermitia today.     During the years of the development of the city of Bel-O-Kube, and Kubnigera on the plane of Stendel, other element solidifying the hypothesis appeared. First of all in the form of an exploration that an ant named Democrite [WIP] had made in distant lands on Stendel's plane. But at the time of the report had been made, the small underground complex explored was too thin in term of element to possibly connect it to such events.   Then, during an expansion of Thermitia, a structure equivalent to that explored on the plan of Stendel by Democrite [WIP] was discovered. This, highlighted by the fact that the ancient population of the Thermitia [WIP] couldn't be absolutely capable of magical exploit according to what could be read of its people in the ancient archives, and the gap in terms of construction between Thermitia [WIP] and the discovered complex. Lets it be concluded that the old population can not be at the origin of the discovery under Thermitia, and even less capable of producing on an other totally inaccessible world another equivalent structure.   In conclusion, these structures were suspected of being a third case affected by Cataclysm. Taken from their home world and transposed in a hazardous way on an other plane, as it could have been the case of Thermitia [WIP] and the found elements of Bel-O-Kan, those two coming from the same plane.       In parallel of thoses observations made directly within the framework of The Kingdom of Myr, other external events seem to be able to be grouped under the same type of phenomenon.   Thus, the history of the world of emperors was also marked by a major event to the level of an end of the world, called the Great Cataclysm, which had forced the emperors and their mages to abandon their old world of Stendel for a new one named in his honor New-Stendel. While trying to transpose during the event portions of some lucky nations and their populations. Several years later, traces of the ancient world were observed, and the mages tried and succeeded in establishing a stable and permanent connection with the old plan of Stendel.   It would seem then possible that the most competent mages of the Empire who had shown a relative control of the phenomenon with the transposition of the Cataclysm of Stendel. could only be the ones who really know the content of these phenomena and their inner working.     Then as a sort of legacy or curse, the plans of Navis and Nubes that were opened, somehow experienced the same fate as the old world of Stendel, disappeared and then reappeared. But this time, some cities and peoples of these two worlds were found together in a single world, called Nabes. In their reunion, the Empire was also surprised by the technological advancement that was found in this united plane, at a point where it went so far as to Empire felt the need to ban all forms of trade and transport of technology from that world.     Then again on the subject of the cataclysms, according to rumors, during the Cataclysm of Stendel, a piece of Nevah would have been lost, in the case of the Fort named Kass'Pied. To then be rediscovered, without soul alive, on the plane of Nubes, then during the disappearance of Nubes, rerediscovered on Nabes.   Others would also make the state of a mineral, named lotharium, with incredible capacity of which a single and only nation, Fingelberg, would seem to dispose. But geographically, no reason would explain the endemic presence of an ore in the lower strata of their soil, whereas identical types of underground can be found almost anywhere else, up to five different planes. A case of Cataclysm having then touching rocks of a world where the ore would then exist would seem to explain this rarity, which is absolutly impossible to observe anywhere else.   And to finish at lesser scales. At the beginning of the New-Stendel plan, many people seemed to have literally appeared from nowhere according to them. Excuse after a severe hangover, real experience or madness and loss of memory, it is quite difficult to judge the veracity of each of these cases. But the number and details of the subject matter makes these cases sometime to take seriously.     Other possible examples of this theory are surely to be discovered and listed among all the plans. But one thing is certain, this theory, in spite of its relative proofs, could explain a lot of phenomena and presence of elements, which otherwise, simply could not be.

This article is a rapport written from scholars of The Kingdom of Myr, and thus from a point of view not having the most information in some external cases.

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