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The city of Bel-O-Kube is located in the center of the regio of Myr, and the capitale of the Kingdom of Myr.     From the surface, the city is only seen as a giant hill with at its summit the top of giant oak called the Venerable (the tree starting deep in the underground), with visible light openings on the upper crust of the dome. On the south side, the main gate is present with its fortification, from which start a path on the West side of the dome to the top of it, ponctuated on its up by several tower.     Inside of the giant hill is housed the city of Bel-O-Kube. Articulated from the top to the bottom by going down the steps carved into the Venerable outer bark, to the stump, the lowest level of the city, are several levels of several buildings and rooms. While the upper part of the city is inside the hill, the area around the trunk of the Venerable to its stump is a large cavern of stone that was excavated.     So from the top to the bottom, we have.   Upper part of Bel-O-Kube
  • -the top entrance of the Venerable on the summit of the giant hill.
  • -the solariums for vegetables
  • -the solariums for fruit ; the mushroom rooms
  • -the postal office ; the storage and processing room for fruits, vegetables and mushrooms
  • -the room housing the giant green aphid ; the room for the storage and processing of honeydew
  • -the main gate with its defenses ; the merchandise storage space
  • -the weaving room and the storage rooms of the raw, processed material and products
  Middle level of Bel-O-Kube / The galeries's level. At this level, every place listed down are accessible from the main platform. A platform of stone whose four supports start from the stump of the Venerable, and from which depart four stone bridges from the cardinal points to the walls of the great cavern.  
  • -the galeries of habitation
  • -The Little Rock Cafe [WIP] by the Eastern stone bridge
  • -The Great Library of Bel-O-Kube by the Northen stone bridge
  • -several caverns housing mushroom rooms in the outskirt of the great cavern
  • -Wells at different level used to bring up water from the different water table
  • -several room for storage along the wall of the cavern
  A level under the stone platform.   The Stump of the Venerable.
  • -the throne room
  • -the Pantheon
  • -the Stump
  • -the accesses to the water tables


The territory of Bel-O-Kube being covered by a a thick forest, and having chains of steep hill, the terrain offer the best line of defences for Belok   The outside of Bel-O-Kube being only composed of a large dome with only two opening to the city, and large forest from allside. Defended position are few, seeming little from an outside view, but are sufficient :   The main gate, is guarded by a large building encastred in the dome, marking the entry to the interior of Bel-O-Kube, and on the side to the path going to the top of the dome to the second entry. The exterior side of the gate being composed by volcanic stone hulled from the side of the Ragnarohs far away, the front of the gate is very strong. The large tunnel behind the main gate, while being large, and the wall seeming only made of the wood of the branche-root coming from the Venerable. Many hidden holes are hidden on the walls of the side and the roof. Two herses are also ready to be lower, so that any attackers entering would have to deeply enter and be perforated from the side and top by arrow and crossbow bolt, and be burnt from boiled liquid poured from the roof.   The other entry, ontop of the dome, is only acceccible by a road going to the summit on the side of the dome. But the road is marked by several wooden tower having murder hole, and being only accessible from path coming from the top of the dome. Speaking of the dome, while being covered by a lot of dirt, under the layers of dirt, blocks of diverse stone cover the base to the middle of the dome in order to make impossible for attackers to simply dig in the dome in order to enter.


Textile: spider silk ; cloths ; clothings   Food: mushroom ; aphid's honey dew ; fruit and vegetable   Proccessed goods : wooden furniture ; books ;


-Wells at different level used to bring up water from the different water table   -Granite roads on the surface mingling with branches-roots coming from the Venerable   -The Venerable's stairway. Carved in the bark of the trunk is a large stairway going from the stump of the Venerable, to moment where it reach the top of the dome.


Numerous rooms dispersed in the whole city of Bel-O-Kube, so to be the most accessible to all, storing material and food in different form, such as:

  • processed and unprocessed mushroom
  • -Aphid's honeydew
  • processed and unprocessed fruit and vegetable
  • -processed and unprocessed wood


    Build upon the dreams of Jesollas to rebuild the lost city of Bel-O-Kan, liggering in the dream of her dead specie. Bel-O-Kube was founded in the deep forest in which Jesollas awoke from her long sleep since the day her queen mother hide her as a larva to save her from the cataclysme. And so with the image of her ancestral city, Bel-O-Kube took the shape of a dome of dirt on the surface and the begining of a complex system of tunnels under the surface. From the time passing by and the people coming from far away, the dome and the tunnels grew.   One day, Nazgrelx came in possession of a big seed that he was tol had magical property, but due to inadvertence, the seed fall in one of the deed hole that were being excaveted. On contact with the stone surface the seed started to burst out a giant oak tree. Breaking the stone in its wake, reaching for the light of the surface, the giant oak pushed aside stone and dirt with its tronk and branches, and so bursting out of the top of the dome on the surface erupted the end of the trunk. Leaves sprouting out of the branches immediately from the light of the sun. Despite the ruckus caused, the good side of the situation was quickily seen. With only lightly injured people and no really big damage to the rooms situated on the external part of the dome. The birth of the tree gave to Bel-O-Kube a solide spine upon which to build deeper, and the involuntary help given to those involved in digging the stone by breaking the pieces. Nagrelx later decided to call the great oak that was birth that day the Venerable.


    The principal part of the architecture is the hardened dirt which serves as the background of all construction, regulating the humdity and heat. The second material used is wood, serving as support and framing for the bacground hardened dirt. Rose granite blocks are used to improve the framing of the largest room.   Vines are also grown on the harden dirt and natural branches of the Venerable to help with the humidity, and to refresh the air in the big rooms and the deepest ones.   Banner are also display a little bit everywhere. Being simply composed of an single color, blue, light blue, green and light green. They are hanged to represent the sky and the vegetation of the surface, in the intent of bringing some color down to the underground. The color yellow is also used but in more important place, to represent Jesollas.


    Bel-O-Kube is inside and part of a giant hill in the heart of a forest, going along with the giant tree the Venerable, that is imbue in the hill, from the top to the deep underground.

    Natural Resources

    As of natural ressources Bel-O-Kube has:

  • the wood cut from the forest
  • the water of the surrounding water tables in the area of the stump of the Venerable
  • the stone and metal found in the rock of the underground
  • the silk gathered from the giant spider of the forest between Bel-O-Kube and the Vampire Bund
  • the fields of culture of the Solarium that are under the top crust of the dome
  • the cultivated mushroom from the numerous caverns inside of Bel-O-Kube and from the ones dispersed in the forest
  • Type
    Owning Organization
    The Kingdom of Myr
    Characters in Location

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