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Arthur's Chitin

The main test subject of the project named Organic Alchemy, which goal was the creation for exemple of The Obsidiant [WIP], was Arthur , because after Jesollas herself, he was the most athune with the Esprit, certainly due to the personal and private teaching that Jesollas [WIP] had with him.   Many tests were conducted using his blood and him to guide them. The most optimal processus was found and it was decided to apply the method to create solid test with the form desired. But the attack of Nigrum happend, when Arthur came back, he decided to go get his past experiment due to the fact that even the two extremely skilled swordmaster of Domfulmen [WIP] and Zovsky were unable to win over the demon and were corrumpt by him to fight themself. Merging himself and his armor in the pool of the violet black subtence he formed after having emptyed the multiple glasses containing the experiment. He went to confront Nigrum, enhance in every aspect to the price of the pain caused by the subtance ordered to merged with his organism and skeleton, the armor merging too with the body as a chitine on the surface.   During the fight Jesollas fought back Nigrum, spilling a little of his blood, enraged the demon choosed to put an end to this, inflincting on Jesollas a mortal blow in exchange for his minor one. The Dr.Linvingstone / ObsiGear jumping of Nigrum, seperated the two of them too late. Arthur reaching for her on the ground, the demonic blood and hers were being absorbed by the armor on contact. The armor reached breacktrhown in her nature, due to the achimical and magical processus used to its creation being enhanced by the demonic blood and being started by the emotional urge caused by the death of Jesollas. The armor gaining a somewhat conscionsness with as of basis the emotionnal inprint of its linked creator. Enhanced, arthur enraged was able to fend off Nigrum and chased it off the City.   Afterward. the armor gained years after years a little bit more of a conscioness each time, leaded by the original inprint to protect the The Kingdom of Myr . On its on, the armor reshaped its body to ressemble the one of Jesollas, effect of the attachement to Jesollas.

Manufacturing process

First, all ingredient must be reunited in the basin in order to serve as fuel and material for the growth. The futur wearer must be present during the first stage of growth to guide the cells from his blood so that they not killed themself by being outside the body, by keeping the connection. At a certain mass, direct link is no longer necessary due to being enought cell present, the processus enter the second stage of growth. The final stage should have be for the futur wearer to guide the cell present to take the desired shape, but for the case of Arthur's Chitin, a direct merging was done.


Personnal for Arthur, and cultural too for the people of Bel-O-Kube being a sign to not give up and bow.
Item type
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Around 20Kg
Raw materials & Components
-Water (35 L)   -Carbon (20 kg)   -Ammonium (4 L)   -Limestone(1.5 kg)   -Phosphore (800 g)   -Salt (250 g)   -Saltpetre (100 g)   -Sulfur (80 g)   -Fluor (7.5 g)   -Iron (5 g)  
  • Honey, honeydew or sugar
  • Sample of blood and skin from Arthur
  • Piled Obsidian stone
  • An initial set of armor.
  • Tools
    Hight level of telepathy form the futur wearer. Bowls and alchemy instrument to prepare the elements together properly and in order. A basin.

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