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The Kingdom of Myr

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Populated by antropomophic ants, humans and orc, the Kingdom of Myr is a region of a larger world. The origin of the project was a city on a semi-rp (french) minecraft server, created in 2011 by several player, based on some elements of Bernard Werber's Empire of Ants book.   The general rp of the project and the world in which it is, being quite complicated, trying to explain it just in the introduction of the world would be very complicated.   I will reunite all informations and elements dispersed across the member's rp, the project itself, and the world around. Expending upon them, and trying to differentiate the world of the serv from the one that would be more efficient to work with, in order to correct the server's rp problems. Mainly the one about the nearly non existance of a consistant rp.   Also, concerning article describing other place than the Kingdom of Myr, and relatively the Dominion, those places were made by other player on the serv, so keep in mind that I'm not the creator of those place, and that I more likely never partake in their developement on the server, at the exception of certain part of the Dominion. But still, I will try my best to correct possible error, and to futher their history, without compromising their ideal and goal, in order to create an extended world that is coherent.   To end this introduction, a little information. The images used in the different article are made by myself, and I can see for some people the aspect of image done in a mc base to be a little odd in comparaison to the more classical style of drawing.

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